A freak is someone that is addicted to a particular thing or better still obsessed about a particular activity, task, game, material things and so on. Someone who is a freak is always over enthusiastic about something. If such person is doing an activity he or she is enthusiastic about, getting their attention is always slim.


  1. When a freak is playing the game, he or she shuts the world out. What do I mean, you can never get their attention on anything because it is already on the game
  2. A freak knows all the 20 characters, their oufits and what it takes to own each of them. Starting from JAKE (He has a Dark outfit and Star outfit); YUTANI (500 ….. to unlock him); SPIKE (200 Guitars unlocks him. He has Rock Outfit and Punk Outfit); FRESH (50 Radios unlock him. He has Funk Outfit and Sport Outfit); TRICKY (3 caps unlock her. She has Camo outfit and Heart outfit); MISS MAIA (100 Keys unlock her); BOOMBOT (BONUS CHARACTER (Free with any purchase); DINO (Facebook Special); RIN (40 Keys to unlock her; Event special); MINA (95000 keys to unlock her. She has Robo and Pop outfit; SEOUL special); FREYA ( 60 Keys unlocks her. She has Viking outfit; Copenhagen Special); FRANK (40, 000 coins unlocks Frank. He has Clown and tiger outfit.); FRIZZ (150,000 coins unlocks him. He has Rasta and gold outfit); KING (80,000 coins unlocks him. He has Count and Royal outfit.); LUCY (7000 coins unlocks her. She has Goth and Steam outfit.); NINJA (20,000 coins unlocks him. He has Yang and Flame outfit.); TAGBOT (12, 000 coins unlocks him. He has Space and Toy outfit); TASHA (30, 000 coins unlock him. He has Cheer and Gym outfit.); ZOE (120, 000 coins to unlock her. She has Curly and Biker outfit); BRODY (350, 000 coins unlock Brody. He has Posh and Chill outfit.); PRINCE K (980,000 coins unlocks him. He has Jag and Shine outfit)

  3. A freak knows about all the various boards and the amount of coins needed to unlock each. Starting from the FREESTYLER (45, 000 coins); BOUNCER (280,000 coins; special power, super jump); HOT ROD (280,000 coins; special power, speed up); TELEPORTER (Buy; special power, zap sideways); SKULL FIRE (75,000 coins); HOVERBOARD (Free); BUBBLE GUM (50,000 coins; Seoul special); BIRTHDAY (Anniversary special; Get now) LOWRIDER (320,000 coins; special power, stay low); STARBOARD (Free); DAREDEVIL (85,000; special power, speed up) GREAT WHITE (20,000); WINDGLIDER (360,000; special power, smooth drift); SCOOT ( 35,000 coins); LUMBERJACK (4000 coins); SUPERHERO (8000 coins); BIG KAHUNA (65,000 coins); SUNSET (12,000 coins); MONSTER (30,000 coins). Only a good freak would tell you that the fastest and the best board s are Dare devil and bouncer. A freak also knows that you would be given eight keys if you have up to 13 boards.

4. A freak knows that if you score 50,000 in one run without collecting coins, you would be given 3 keys. If you score 80,000 in one run without collecting coins, you would get 5 Keys likewise 8 keys for scoring 120,000 without coins .

5. A freak knows that if you complete 3 missions in one run, you would get 5 KEYS. Also, after 210 missions, you would be given sets of keys.

6. A freak knows that when you run like a kangaroo; wear super snickers for 1 minute, you would get 3 KEYS.

7. A freak knows that when you score 45,000 without changing lanes, you would get 3 KEYS.

8. A freak knows that when you collect exactly 30 coins in one run you would be given 3 KEYS

9. A freak knows that when you score 60,000 in one run without jumping or rolling; no acrobatics, you would get 3 KEYS.

10. A freak knows that it is not only 200, 300 or 500 coins that are in the bag of coins or in the bag that pops out from the mystery box. You can get 5000 coins, 8000 coins, 10, 000 coins, 20, 000 coins, 50, 000 coins, 100, 000 coins, 300,000 coins and even 900,000 coins.

11. A freak knows that Daredevil board is the fastest but doesn’t give you a super jump.

12. A freak knows that you can skip any mission you want to as far as you have coins in your wallet. To skip a mission costs 3000 coins, but as you progress, it would cost you 4400 coins

13. A freak knows that if one of the missions in the game includes getting a total of 20,000 coins, all he or she needs to do is buy mystery boxes till he or she has gotten the 20,000 coins.

14. A freak knows that when someone (whether a friend or a foe) pokes you without a reason on facebook, it is simply because one of the missions in Subway Surfer says “Poke a friend”

15. It is only a Subway Surfer freak that can tell you all that I have just said now; so am I a Subway Surfer freak? Ya let me know…



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