Don’t be deceived by whatever these celebrities who don’t want to reveal the faces of their kids say o!

I know they call it swag; ko swag rara (It’s no swag at all)

Some say it is suspense; to make their fans anticipate…; anticipate gini? (As in, anticipate what?)

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As far as am concerned, any celebrity that is quick to show only the back of his or her kid, the outfits, numerous gifts, and so on, without showing the kid’s face, has a very very ugly child, and such celebrity is not proud of his/her child.

So, what they do is that they groom the child, spend lots of money to make the child beautiful or handsome, and then later reveal the child’s face to the world.

I mean, how else would you explain the actions of a celebrity who shares pictures of the birthday cakes and gifts of the son or daughter, but does not show the face of the celebrant except the child’s back?

So, if you are a celebrity and you are reading this, it is okay if you want to hide the face of your child, but don’t make it seem like it is for another reason, when we know the baby is atutupoyoyo (U-G-L-Y). Those celebrities that are fond of doing this know themselves; I won’t mention their names. All of them; their babies are ugly; very very. Ask those that went to visit them during the naming ceremony…

Anyway who even cares?

When we have got other celebs like the Kardashians, West, Beyonce and Jay Z Carter, Cardi B and Offset, Chris Brown, Tonto Dike, Ronke Oshodi, Peter Okoye, Paul Okoye and so on showing us pictures of their kids…And I know Nicki Minaj would show us her baby’s face…

So, before I drop my pen, amma let you know, that, those proud of their kids’ looks, and are showing their faces, not just their backs, regardless of how the public sees them are the winning team!

But really; no child is ugly, appreciate the child you have been blessed with, rather than hiding the child’s face and taking pictures of his/her back, making it look like swag!




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