(+Lyrics+Meaning+Translation) Music Review: “Nara Ekele Mo” by Tim Godfrey ft Travis Greene


@ogefashblog I don’t know if this is really the official video for Narekele by Tim Godfrey and Travis Greene, but that was the available video on YouTube channel and that’s what is currently being reviewed on our platform. Kindly let us know if this is the official video or not, thanks… So, while we are … Read more

(+Lyrics+Meaning+Translation) Music Review: “Soco” ft Wizkid, Terri, Spotless, Ceeza Milli “What is really still keeping this song on airwaves?”

Follow on IG @Ogefashblog So many people have been asking what the meaning of “Soco” is and I am like “Are you serious?” Why? Because Wizkid’s body gestures when singing the chorus explains what the word means. (Quickly, click here, a surprise awaits you here https://ogefash.reviews/2019/08/) (Get direct updates- follow Ogefash on IG- ogefashblog, ogefash_july4; … Read more

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