Hmmm, ndi (the) BBNAIJA clique of four association…; I hope this their association will

last sha…

Okay oh, to my main gist….

So, it is now glaring that after the 2019 edition of the popular television reality show “Big Brother Naija” aka “BBNaija” culminated, some of the housemates decided to still keep contact with one another.

What does that mean? It means that some of them are still in communication after the show ended.

Infact, some of them have formed a clique and are really keeping to their cliques.

Tacha, one of the housemates in the 2019 edition who was disqualified for hitting another housemate~Mercy Eke, has formed a clique with another housemate~ Khafi

In the same vein, Mercy Eke aka Lamborghini, who was the winner of the 2019 edition, and also the first female to win the reality show since it kicked off,  has formed a clique with Diane Yashim Russet, Venita Okpofure and Kim Oprah (Kim Oparah). Just call them the clique of four.

The clique of four had a memorable outing some weeks back. One of the places they went to was a popular resort in Lagos. They were seen catching fun at the poolside while on their bikini.

They took several pictures at the pool side with the camera focusing on each of their ass. This, of course, caught my attention as they come in different sizes, shapes and colours #Winks. It is what I call “Ass Battle” and I am wondering whose ass is weightier. Definitely one of them has a bigger ass; who then can it be?

Fill us in via the comment section …

They each shared a picture of their time out together with different captions. View below…

Mercy Eke “Baddies to my left and my right. We sipping on that Ace, Itsy~bitsy waist, pretty face…”

View more images of Mercy below

Diane Russet “Girls just want to have fun…”

View more images of Diane below

Venita “The block is on cheeks and cheques..”

View more images of Venita below

Kim did not post their outing pictures on Instagram, and I wonder why though

View more images of Kim below

The 2019 edition of the Big Brother Naija reality show was tagged “Pepper Dem.”  There were about 21 housemates in a big house with the cameras focusing an all their day-to-day 24 hour activities. There were other ladies aside Mercy, Tacha, Khafi, Venita, KimOprah and Diane. However, nothing much has been heard about the other ladies, they seem inconspicous for now or they are probably doing things on the low key.

View more images of BB Naija housemates below…

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