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“Wondrous sight” that left all guests staring in awe is what best describes the hall of the just concluded Africa Movie Academy Awards popularly known as AMA Awards which was hosted by the Lagos State Government.

The ambiance of the hall where the ceremony took place provided the over one thousand seated guests with extreme comfort, and the air conditioner in full blast also reassured the guests of their comfort  in the hall for the duration of the award ceremony as well. The event held at the Landmark Center Hall, Lekki.

Celebrities thronged the venue in their exquisite glittering outfits to witness another edition of AMAA which happens to be its 15th edition. AMA award which is given annually, cognized excellence among professionals and boosted the enthusiasm among professionals working in, or non African professionals who have contributed to the African Film Industry.


This year’s edition had countries like Nigeria and Rwanda pack most awards mostly for the films “King of the boys” a Nigerian film and “Mercy of the Jungle” from Rwanda. Rwanda took numerous awards and accolades back to their country.

Speaking at the event was the Governor of Lagos state, Sanwo Olu who was ably represented by Mr. Solomon Bornu. According to the Governor, the entertainment and movie industry has helped project Africa to the world of above continents and black race. It has helped boost revenue rate and created wealth and employment for people. He also congratulated the Organizer of AMAA- Mrs. Peace Anyiam Oigwe for the giant step taken in Africa Movie Academy Award. He appreciated her for creating the platform and says AMAA vision is bringing more recognition and acceptance to the movie industry internationally.


Sanwo-Olu says AMAA has become Africa’s most prestigious award and has provided a platform, not only to showcase creativity and the ingenuity of the movie industry of the country, but also an avenue to honour and promote encircle through arts and culture. He also congratulated all the nominees and winners and employed them to continue to try towards achieving more dialogue and excellence in their profession.

“The industry practitioners need to be commended for their personal sacrifices and resourcefulness which are responsible for making the industry global” he added.

“We would create a right environment for the entertainment industry so that we would engage the practitioners as stake holders in the industry to facilitate the acclimatization of the establishment of the modern film city which would be equipped with state of the art facilities not only for film making production but also for training and capacity building,” he further added.

Rounding up his speech, he invited all for one of the biggest Xmas- Eve party that Lagos government is hosting tagged “Greater Lagos 2020.

The CEO Of AMAA- Mrs. Peace Anyiam in her speech appreciated the former president- Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, the current president Mohammad Buhari for their continuous support for AMAA. She alsp thanked all the people behind the AMAA Awards. According to Mrs.Peace, this year’s edition was competitive as it had over 700 submissions with the inclusion of short films.


There were packs of entertainment lined up to lit the whole arena and the upbeat mood of all guests was evident. There was dance, band performance and music by Female Easterner singer and Sir Shina Peters. Nollywood actors Ken Erics and Jenifer Eliogu also marveled the crowd when they gave their melodious duet rendition at the award ceremony night. There was also comedy by funny bone  who made sure the whole place was lively through his funny jokes; he was indeed funny to the bones. The show was co-hosted by Funnybone, Kemi Lala Akindoju, and Lorenzo Menakaya.


The awards were presented to the winners by some of the celebrities in the house in a brief and interesting manner; so there was just no room for boredom. Before presenting the awards, videos of shortlisted nominees through the TV screen were played briefly featuring those nominated. There were also messages from their sponsors played on the screen.




1. Efere Ozako Award For Best Short Film: Winner – A TUNE FOR KORA – Senegal

2. AMAA 2019 Award For Best Animation Film: Winner – Choices – Nigeria

3. AMAA 2019 Award For Best Documentary Film: Winner – Khartoum Offside (Sudan)

4. Ousmane Sembene AMAA 2019 Award For Best Film in an African Language Film:

Winner – Rafiki (Kenya)

5. Michael Anyiam Osigwe AMAA 2019 Award For Best Film by an African-Born Director Living Abroad: Winner – Julius Amedume – Rattlesnakes

6. AMAA 2019 Award For Best Diaspora Short Film: Winner – Bail (UK)

7. AMAA 2019 Award For Best Diaspora Documentary Film: Winner – My Friend Fela (Brazil)

8. AMAA 2019 Award For Best Diaspora Narrative Feature Film: Winner – Hero (Trinidad and Tobago/Canada)

9. AMAA 2019 Award For Best Achievement in Production Design: Winner – Redemption (Mozambique) KS, PE, SA

10. AMAA 2019 Award For Best Achievement in Costume Design: Winner – Mercy of the Jungle (Rwanda)

11. AMAA 2019 Award For Best Achievement in Make-Up: Winner – Mercy of the Jungle (Rwanda)

12. AMAA 2019 Award For Best Achievement in Soundtrack: Winner – Mabata Bata (Mozambique)

13. AMAA 2019 Award For Best Achievement in Visual Effects: Winner – The Delivery Boy (Nigeria)


14. AMAA 2019 Award For Best Achievement in Sound: Winner – Sew the Winter to My Skin (S. Africa)

15. AMAA 2019 Award For Best Achievement in Cinematography: Winner – Sew the Winter to My Skin (S. Africa)

16. AMAA 2019 Award For Best Achievement in Editing: Winner – Rafiki (Kenya)

17. AMAA 2019 Award For Best Achievement in Screenplay: Winner – Redemption (Mozambique)

18. AMAA 2019/National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB) Award For Best Nigerian Film: Winner – King of Boys

19. AMAA 2019 Award For Best Young/Promising Actor: Winner – Cynthia Dankwa (Esi) BURIAL OF KOJO

20. The Tony Elumelu Award for Best Comedy: Winner – No award presented this year

21. AMAA 2019 Award For Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Winner – Jarrid Geduld (Abie) Ellen, The Ellen Parkies Story

22. AMAA 2019 Award For Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Winner – Adesua Etomj- King of Boys

23. AMAA 2019 Award For Best Actor in a Leading Role: Winner – Marc Zinga – Mercy of the Jungle)

24. AMAA 2019 Award For Best Actress in a Leading Role: Winner- Sola Sobowale (Eniola) King of Boys

25. AMAA 2019 Award For Best Director-First Feature Film: Winner – Blitz Bazawule – The Burial of Kojo (Ghana)

26. AMAA 2019 Award For Best Director: Winner – Jahmil X. Qubeka – Sew the Winter to My Skin (S. Africa)

27. AMAA 2019 Award For Best Film: Winner – Mercy of the Jungle (Rwanda)







There is something about me, until I get in there and I see what’s going on before I comment about the ceremony. Then, when I am out, I will tell you. But trust me, today’s ceremony would be very high and I pray it stays just like that.


It is my first time in the show. I am a nominee in the scriptwriting category. Everyone is a strong contender, and nominated people in some ways are winners even if they don’t pick up the award. I hope to see myself win. I hope everyone leaves here happy for the recipients of the various awards, and no one should feel there was a foul play but awards were given to people that merited them.

I hope that AMAA would continue to raise the standards they are known for over the years and even be better. I wish they go higher and bigger yearly. Fifteen years and still standing is an incredible thing!


Same thing; have fun, hang out with friends and be happy for a lot of people. I am one of those people who love surprises. So, I don’t like to guess. I want to step in and meet that surprise. For the organizers of AMAA; well done! You have stayed on strong; stay strong.


I want to see how this 15th edition would be unveiled. Last five years, I won the best actress and it was a lot more of the professionals back then. I see that there is a lot more of inclusion of the Northern film industry which is a great improvement. AMAA should begin to reflect the name AMAA in award that is run and owned by legends of the African film industry, chosen from at least 5-6 countries in Africa.

It should not just be owned by individuals. It should be owned by the industry. Ownership is different from nominees even though Africans were nominated.










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