Interesting advert, I must say. Everything about the house ( The sofa, some throw pillows, lamp holders, flower vase, curtains, book shelf, duvet, bed covers etc…) was white in colour, basically to emphasize the work of hypo cleaning agent; the effective fabric whitener for clothes which leaves them sparkling.

Even that daughter in law wore white all through, even her teeth self white, abi na hypo wipe am clean; just kidding though.



At some point, I  thought I was the one inside that house; like seriously, that is what you call sparkling and capricious that even new born babies will have no choice but to start walking quickly; lovely setting and indeed no trace of dirt.


A lady goes to get the door, she finds out it is her mother-in law and welcomes her with joy, but the mother-in-law replies with a long face “Of course I will come into my son’s house”. She looks around and sees how the whole place is dazzling but doesn’t acknowledge it.

Next her mother-in-law says “I need to drop this food stuff in my son’s kitchen”, to which the daughter in law directs her to the kitchen (How come she did not collect the bag from her mother-in-law self, not that she would have accepted though.)

In the kitchen, (we see some other Dufil products like power oil) her mother-in-law decides to check how clean the kitchen is;  she checks the cabinet, sink and sees how clean they all are, but she still doesn’t say anything.

Again, the mother-in-law says “Where is my room, in my son’s house” and the daughter in law takes her to her room. At this juncture, she is unable to hide her acknowledgment as she is impressed with the look of the whole room; the bed cover, duvet,  the toliet, , bathtubs,  flower vase, curtains, are all sparkling

The daughter in law is seen washing white (with no stains) and making it whiter.


“Keep your white fabrics whiter, your home sparkling and free from germs with hypo. Make a dazzling impression everytime and let your white speak for you.”

Finally, someone is smiling; it is the mother-in-law, she acknowledges her daughter-in-law’s stupendous efforts in making the the whole house dazzle and says “My wife my wife, any other wife is a counterfeit” and the daughter in law smiles and replies “Oh mama”

‘Hypo go wipe o”


A particular mother-in-law doesn’t seem to flow with the daughter-in-law, this is evident in her facial expression when she goes to visit. However, hypo “the go wypo” cleaning agent” helps make the woman flow with her daughter-inlaw after seeing how clean the whole place is. She hails her daughter-in-law telling her that any other wife is a counterfeit.


Hypo does not only make your white whiter but you can also use it when washing the toilet,  bathtubs, sink etc to disinfect the whole place. Hypo will help keep your home sparkling and free from germs.


Terrific setting I must say for the living room, spacious and well arranged enough to see the work of Hypo. The whole place was really dazzling.  I love this advert, even though everything already looked white from the onset, there was really nothing with stain to show that “the hypo go wipe o” wiped. The cloth she was washing was white, like they only shew consumers the result of using hypo, it wouldn’t have been a bad idea if they had showed a particular problem and then solved it for the viewers to see.

Again when the mother-in-law exclaimed “Wow”, the image shown should be followed with a bottle of hypo; I mean that was the reason the whole place was dazzling.

“Of course in my son’s house”, that made me laugh a bit, though we did not get to see that her particular son. The mother-in-law really interpreted her role well, likewise the respectful daughter-in-law despite the woman’s initial unfriendly act, she was still respectful.

COSTUME: White- the choice of colour by the daughter in law was basically to emphasize the work of hypo in making fabrics whiter. The mother-in-law wore ankara

SOUND: Instrumentals  alone; fair


  • How come the daughter -in-law did not collect her mother-in-law’s bag; I mean, it is typical of daughter-in laws.
  • Really wondering why the first five seconds of the clip was blank.
  • Wondering why the ankara bag was on the table
  • Their scarfs though- odi egwu


Great advert though, it is catchy and has the potential to spur  customers  into the action of purchasing HYPO.

DURATION: 1 minutes 6 seconds







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