This is an old advert though, buy I don’t think there is any new Indomie TV advert for now…
An advert that has outspoken and vibrant children; you have got no choice but to love the advert. I totally love this advert. I could feel those children’s true excitement about the particular noodle they wanted to buy; it was beyond the advert. It was more like they have been tasting no other noodles but Indomie. They were high-spirited, good with words and certainly made the advert interesting to watch.

They had immense knowledge about what they wanted to buy,perhaps the reason for their ‘excellent’ performance in the advert. Hence, advertisers really need to pick one or two things from this advert. Getting people to feature in an advert should go beyond the physical attributes, the person should have sufficient knowledge about the product and should also be a consumer of the product, except it is a new product. That was what I noticed about the kids and that was why they advertised in a passionate way. One could tell from the reaction when the mallam gave them another noodle that wasn’t Indomie…

So, at the beginning of the advert, three kids comprising two boys and a girl approached their mum while talking with a friend. The three kids took permission to go and buy Indomie noodles from the Mallam. On getting to the Mallam’s shop, they requested for the Indomie super pack. But the Mallam rather than give them Indomie noodles, gave them another type of noodle and this displeased the kids. They were not happy with the Mallam and instantly told him that “Indomie noodle is not the same with other noodle and the difference is in the taste.” The man was puzzled, so he immediately collected the other noodle and gave them original Indomie noodles. The kids were excited.

Terrific advert! Terrific kids I barely found flaws in the advert. I love the fact that the Mallam’s shop looked like a real shop. It wasn’t just noodles he was selling. He sold other items like Dano milk, Minimi Chin chin, power oil; even though they were all Dufil products. But then they went further to add bread and egg to it; at least those ones no carry brand. Great!

Just wondering
• So lovely advert, just that, when those children approached their mum and took permission to go and buy noodles, I was expecting her to stretch forth her hand and give the eldest child money, but she didn’t. I think that scene should have been created, so children know that it’s not natural for kids to have money with them, except the money was given to them.

• Whatever happened to table manners- no talking while eating. I think she should have finished her meal first before talking…

• I want to believe that the noodles the children bought was what the family cooked, so I am wondering how two Super packs suddenly multiplied like that…(Don’t ask me how I knew it was two packs they bought; well check for yourself na, the eldest gave the Mallam N200). IF their mother went to buy more noodles, we were not shown that.

But this is indeed a great advert, click to watch here…

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  1. Pep

    I love this advert. The young girl is so outspoken

  2. Francis ude

    Am an indome brand loyalist, the advert brought smiles to many homes. I also have an advert proposal that can help indome keep being the market leader but I don’t no how to contact or reach your company. For any more information, call 07038782022. Thank you!

    1. Ogefash's Styl

      Hi @Francis Ude, hope ur day was splendid? Try contacting the manufacturers through IG or their other social media pages. We wish u the best. Love U #Always @ogefash Blog.

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