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So as I was watching this advert repeatedly; my attention was suddenly drawn to the alarm clock that woke up Nigerian actress and mother of three- Mercy Johnson at 6:00am. I can assure you that no Nigerian mother wakes up by that time; ask Dumebi Ayeni, Augusta Adeleye and Kemi Nwabueze, they would tell you better.


Infact no mother whether in Africa, Asia, Antarctica, Australia,  Europe, North America, South America wakes up by that time. Even Mercy Johnson doesn’t wake up by that time to prepare her primary school children in particular. What am I trying to say? Mothers wake up earlier; some by 5 am and some before 5 am.

The only set of people that tend to wake up by that time are probably those with older kids or those with too much money and with maids around them. In this advert, there was no maid, so that 6:00 am was really not realistic.

Jobless women no dey even wake up by that time…



First scene: Mother A (Acted by Mercy Johnson) wakes up from sleep at 6:00am via her alarm.

Second scene: Mother B (Name unknown) wakes up her son who is reluctant to wake up as he still wants to continue his sleep.


Third scene: Father A and son are already awake and are brushing their teeth. They are later checked on by the woman in the house (Wife/Mother)

Fourth scene:  A young girl (Daughter A) wakes up, while mother C grabs her with delight.


Fifth scene: Mother A prepares breakfast for her son with Hollandia evap milk and also puts one inside her son’s bag.

Sixth scene: Mother D prepares her daughter (Still used the same girl- (Daughter A) for another mother) and son for school. She also prepares breakfast while her husband prepares for work.


Seventh scene: Breakfast is ready @ Mother A’s end and she already dished it for her husband and son. Of course, Hollandia evap milk is added to their breakfast meal.

Eight scene: Mother D also has breakfast ready on her end. So she serves the husband and two children breakfast adding the Hollandia evap milk.


All families are seen enjoying their breakfast with Hollandia evap!




It is another morning!

Not just an ordinary time

Start off a new day

(Sound of a knock on the door)

A new beginning

As you prepare everyone for the long day ahead;  just anything is not enough

It is only you who makes breakfast special

You make them creamy.

You make them tasty.

You add vitamins and nutrients we need for a delightful healthy start to the day


So start your day right with Hollandia Evap!


Hollandia Evap; life tastes different





Hollandia Evap (Evaporated) milk has a great taste and creamy goodness. It is loaded with vitamin and mineral to make your meals richer. So, ensure you always start your day with Hollandia evap to give you that delightful healthy start.

Hollandia Evap Milk is so nutritious and tastes different from others.



Hollandia Evap is manufactured by Chi Limited company.

I thought the advert concept would be that the children were always delighted to wake up every morning because they know that nutritious Hollandia Evap milk would be added to their breakfast meal; but, that was not the case…

Moving on, there were just too many families and too many activities, so which one exactly do viewers want to focus on? They should have just looked for a way to merge the activities of the various families together in one scene like they did for Onga advert, GTB advert and many others rather than show them separately which made the advert muddlesome.

However, the advert is pushy or better still persuasive. It can convince people to go buy Hollandia Evap; not really because of those that featured in the advert or how they played their roles, but basically because the pictures that were showcased were convincing enough and would make people wanna try their Yummy product!


  • All this stretching; couldn’t they have combined them in one scene rather than different scenes. There is a way they could have gone about it. The viewers would see all of them together at the same time; just thinking though
  • Why Mercy Johnson threw the apple like a ball though at the 20 seconds like she forgot the camera was on; but that was cool though. That is what you call the free style advertising not all those models that are always too careful and never try out anything new except for some scripted roles given to them.
  • I have not seen any Nigerian mother that wakes up by 6:00 am before. Have you seen one? Hint me
  • Too many families made the advert complex and confusing.
  • The way Mercy was doing her face though @ the 23 seconds
  • We did not get to see a follow up scene for Mother B and son, then why include them in the advert at all
  • We did not get to see a follow up scene for Father A, son and mother that checked on them while they were brushing.
  • How come the only female child that they used in this advert has two mothers?
  • The continuity is poor.


COSTUME: I love their costume. I love their choice colour; kind of synonymous to that of Hollandia evap.

SOUND: Basically instrumental, and it was quite melodious. Although at some point, it was similar to the “pretty hurts” sound by Beyonce. Listen to the 35 seconds of the advert.

LOCATION: The advert was shot in Nigeria. It is an indoor scene advert.



Remark: Too many families with the inability to properly merge them made the advert muddlesome; two families only would have been it or proper merging





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