Gbam! This is what you call “On-point advertising” Now just look at that and tell me, which client or prospective client will not be pulled to buying Full Crystal cleaning agent after viewing this advert? Terrific pull strategy I must say, the best so far!


Look, cleaning the outside of your window is a real chore, and who wants to climb a dangerous ladder just to get to the second floor? Uuh! Not anymore

Hi, I am John Florell, the fuller brush man and this is full crystal from the fuller brush company.  The fastest and easiest ways to clean all of your windows in minutes not days.  Just add the cleaning crystal and attach it to any garden hose and away you go.

The secret is in the fuller cleaning crystal, that dissolve dust, dirt, pollen and grime in no time. Here is the best part, you don’t have to remove your screens because full crystal cleans them too.

Watch what I am going to do, this screen may look clean, but look how full crystal blast away the dust, pollen, dirt and grime, while it cleans your window at the same time, and that would save a ton of time…

Look, even with the ladder, you couldn’t reach the window, but with the full crystal power sprayer, you can clean windows up to 27 feet high.  Aim, spray and walk away!

Leaving your window spot free, streak free, and with both feet securely on the ground.  For a clean so clear, your windows will virtually disappear, plus it is completely safe for all of your plants, lawns, shrubs and flowers.

Watch this, full crystal gives you the power to blast away cobwebs starting to breed from shutters, gutters or overhangs. Use it to perfectly power wash patio- furniture,  and simply touch the switch between sun and rift for a spot free clean on your car, truck, boat or RV.

Call or go online now to order the complete full crystal system with enough cleaning crystal spray for up to 20 windows for the factory dirct price of just 19.99 dollars. Order right now, and we will double the cleaning crystals. For up to 40 windows just pay a separate fee.

Remember, it is from the fuller brush company, so, your satisfaction is 100% guarantee.  Call or go online to buy full


The first scene, a lady is seen climbing a ladder with her cleaning equipment and agent. She tries to clean the outside but her cleaning bowl falls, this terrifies her and she screams.  She moves over to another window, but is scared when she sees how far she is from the ground floor.

Next, the narrator- John Florell is seen explaining and showing customers the reasons they should opt for Full Crystal.  He also shows them how to use full crystal

Next scene, a lady is seen using the full crystal cleaning agent; she did not need to climb any ladder as she already attached it to a garden hose. She aims and sprays the full crystal and it immediately dissolves dirt.

In the next scene, the narrator shows that there is no need to remove the screen when cleaning the windows because full crystal cleans them too.  All customers need do is to clean it as well cause it will remove all dirt in it. He cleans the screen and it blasts a whole lot of dirt.

A man is seen on the ladder trying to clean the topper most part of his window, but he is unable to as his cleaning agent falls off from him.

A lady is seen standing on her feet and using the full crystal cleaning agent already attached to a hose to clean her outside windows, even up to 27 feet high.

A guy is impressed with how effective Full Crystal is, so he nods his head. He did not need to climb any ladder. All he did was to attach his full crystal to a garden hose and then, aim and spray and walk away.

A lady is seen cleaning her outside windows around her plants which shows it is safe for plants, lawns, shrubs and flowers as well.

The next scene, full crystal also blasts away cobwebs.

Lastly, it is also used to wash furniture, car, truck, boat or RV,


With Full crystal agent, you can be sure that any dirt in every nook and cranny will be wiped off. Rather than climb a ladder, attach it to a garden hose, then aim and spray, it would spread and clean everywhere, including where people are unable to reach and clean with their hands.


Like seriously, the company is really old, since 1906, over a century! Anyway, that is by the way

I love the advert; it is so convincing. Flawless! This is one advert out of the thousands out there that I would say customers would rush to purchase their products after viewing the advert. Even though it is not in my country yet, I was really longing for it and was pulled into looking for where they sell it.

The method of advertising the product would certainly get the customers to demand for the product. It is called the “pull strategy” What do I mean by that? The narrator in his word of mouth was convincing enough. Not only that, the effect was also convincing especially the part of the dirty screen.  There is bound to be a huge demand of the Full Crystal cleaning agent after viewing. Also, there would be referrals if people that used it find it effective.

I love the fact that they used three methods in the advert; the first one is the narrator who with so much confidence tells both existing and prospective customers the reason they should buy the cleaning agent. Secondly, the main work it does was well displayed/written on the screen. Thirdly, the visuals are very believing. They were creative in the way they went about the advert.

They did not just show viewers a solved problem, they first of all showed the viewers what the problem was, which was the grimes/dirt on all surfaces, and one could tell that they were indeed dirty. Next they brought out the full crystal cleaning agent, aimed and sprayed on surfaces to clean the dirt on them. Viewers would be convinced that  Full Crystal is the solution to the problem, in terms of dirt.

Problem– Dirt….Solution– Full Crystal

The advert is lengthy though- about 2 minutes, but I want to believe that  the one for radio and television would have been trimmed.

SOUND: No particular sound accompanied this advert

REMARK: A very convincing form of advertising capable of pulling customers off their chairs to quickly go buy their Full Crystal cleaning agent.




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