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No doubt, some people avoid close conversations or keep a distance while conversing with people; perhaps, they fear they have a bad breath.

Well that was not the case of the major cast in this Colgate Total advert. Rather than keep at least few inches or an arms length of distance while conversing with others face to face, he instead loves to stand close to them; he was such a close talker.


It starts with a certain employee who is a close talker as well as a loyal Colgate toothpaste user. He loves to stand extremely close or better still put his face few inches away when conversing with people. So, he approaches a male colleague and tells him how much of a close talker he is. He also tells his colleague about the new “Colgate total”. His colleague says nothing but just stares at him.


Next, the close talker approaches another colleague, this time around a female. He also tells her about the new “Colgate Total” He says “The breakthrough formula does more,” but the woman only replies “Wonderful”


Next, he approaches two people, this time a man and a woman still telling them about the new “Colgate Total.” He says “Sensitivity; strengthens teeth; it kills germs through the whole mouth” The man replies “I love your confidence” while the woman just stares at him in an astonishing manner.


Next, the close talker approaches another male colleague and as usual, puts his face inches away from his. He tells him there is no such word like “too close” to which his colleague disagrees initially but later agrees to


Close talker– I am a close talker, so I was excited about all new Colgate Total. Its breakthrough formula does more (Wonderful).                                                                                                Sensitivity, strengthens teeth. It kills germs through the whole mouth. (I like your confidence)  Close talker– (Thanks Mr. Lee)                                                                                                                      Close talker: Now, there is no such thing as too close; Colleague: Yes there is                                  Close talker: No there is not; Colleague Yes there is                                                                              Close talker: No, there is not; Colleague Okay                                                                                    All new Colgate; do more for your whole mouth.


Colgate Total toothpaste neutralizes bad breath. It leaves the mouth healthier breaking through the teeth, cheeks, tongue and gums. You certainly do not have to be scared of any stench from your mouth while conversing with others especially if you are a close talker.



The advert is about  a certain male employee who loves to stand extremely close to people when talking to them. As in, he loves to converse with people while his face is few inches away from them; he is such a close talker. So, this employee in his usual manner of conversing with people, tells all his colleagues about how effective the new “Colgate total” toothpaste is.

Also, the close talker is excited about using the new Colgate total because it neutralizes the mouth. Hence, it helps him to be a confident close talker.


This “Colgate Total” advert is called “The close talker”

#Google defines a close talker as someone who stands uncomfortably close to others while talking, which the major cast does while talking with people all through the 30 seconds video.

To be honest, if someone was always coming that close to me when conversing with me, “amma” think he is not alright. #Winks. Kidding, but that’s the truth!

The advert did not start out by identifying what the problem is, rather, it started out with a solved problem. The problem has to do with bad breath and people keeping their distance while conversing. The solution is the use of Colgate Total toothpaste which we see the close talker holding and showing his colleagues with confidence.

But really, the dude interpreted his role well as a close talker. He was also quite convincing which was essential if they really needed people to pick up Colgate Total toothpaste at the grocery store.

I must say the whole cubicle-type of office setting is on point. No doubt, the advert is also easy to comprehend, but does it have the strategy to push People into purchasing the toothpaste being adertised? Yes! We see the confidence in the close talker as well as no one squirmed while he talked..


The advert is quite convincing and has the capacity to push people into buying the product


Just instrumentals; interesting!



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