So, I saw this advert (Not a new advert though) and I immediately fell in love with it basically because the ladies were so lively and made the advert interesting to watch. Their dialogue was clear enough and comprehensible. They were also shimmering with joy. They were quite expressive. They were really keen about the “Canoe” detergent  they were advertising.


At the beginning of the advert, “Lady A” picks one of her cloths from the clothes-line. She is happy that it smells good after washing it with Canoe detergent. (Here, the Lady should have picked up the Canoe detergent and then nod her head as a sign of the detergent’s work)

Next, Lady A wears the same cloth she picked from the clothes-line to hang out with her friends Lady B and Lady C in the restaurant. Lady A’s friends are excited to see her. Lady A’s friends are quick to recognize the cloth she is wearing as their graduation apparel. They are however perplexed to see Lady A’s cloth still looking new as their graduation cloths have faded. One of lady A’s friends brings out her phone and shows her two other friends their graduation picture. Lady A tells them that the reason her graduation cloth is still looking new is because she used only “Canoe” detergent to wash it.


With Canoe detergent, you need not fear that your beautiful colored or plain attire will lose its original colour because the detergent surely doesn’t make cloths fade, but rather, makes coloured fabrics brighter for long.


I love the fact that the three ladies they used were all so jazzy. They were nice-looking, articulate and also full of life; they indeed made the advert interesting to watch.

At the beginning of the advert, I expected more. The cloth that Lady A picked from the clothes-line had a good scent; in essence, there was already a solution to a certain problem. Solution to what problem you may ask?  Canoe detergent did not only wash well, but it also left her cloth with a good scent. What I expected? That Lady A would pick Canoe detergent or look towards where it was placed and then nod her head as a sign of agreement of what it truly does to cloths.

Then I wonder why phones were so scarce in the advert that they had to use the same phone for the two friends in the advert. Though tried to differentiate it by using pouch for one but it was still obvious. View this @ the 22 seconds and the 9 seconds of the advert.

Meanwhile that their graduation fabric has the same colour with canoe detergent,perhaps, the fabric was specially made for the makers of Canoe; haba couldn’t they have picked a finer fabric from Da Viva?

Ehen, haba, did they not notice that one of the clothes on the clothes-line was faded or what. View here oo, so it wont be as if this my eyes are deceiving me….


Is this fabric specially made for Canoe detergent makers  because that is the only dominant material in the advert

What kind of Baba sala clothes did they put on the clothes-line na

They could have placed the Canoe detergent and bar soap on a better surface, this looks somehow. It would have enhanced the beauty of their products.

Aren’t there better attractive fabrics or what from Da Viva?

But this particular cloth looks faded


REMARK:  Interesting advert to watch though, but having another look at the advert before releasing the video would have helped avoid the mistake of adding a faded cloth on the clothes-line


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