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So, Amstel Malta is the official Malt Drink of the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF).

The advert being reviewed on our platform is titled “We got balls.” They produced this advert to cheer the female national football team otherwise known as “The Super Falcons” to victory in the ongoing FIFA Women World Cup going down in France from June to July.

The advert features mostly female celebrities and one male celebrity. It features celebrities from the movie industry like Tonto Dike, Dakore Egbuso Akande, Linda Ejiofor and Enyinna Nwigwe; music celebrity like Tiwa Savage and former BBN (Big Brother Naija) reality show star- Cynthia Nwadiora porpularly known as Ceec

The Super Falcons that featured in the advert are Onome Ebi (Defender), Tochukwu Oluehi (Keeper), Asisat Oshoala (Attacker), Rita Chikwelu (Mid Fielder) and Ngozi Okobi (Defender)



At the beginning of the advert, four beautiful ladies looking gorgeously dressed “Tiwa Savage, Dakore Egbuso, Tonto Dike and Linda Ejiofor” while chilling at the bar chat nonstop. Suddenly, another beautiful lady who is also gorgeously dressed- Cynthia Nwadiora tosses a can of Amstel Malta at them from the other side of the bar. The four ladies initially give her a questioning look, but soon welcome her with a smile.


Next, the beautiful female celebrities are soon joined by the Super Falcons “Onome Ebi (Defender), Tochukwu Oluehi (Keeper), Asisat Oshoala (Attacker), Rita Chikwelu (Mid Fielder) and Ngozi Okobi (Defender)” who try to imitate the former in their dressing and accessories but are uncomfortable in doing so. The female celebrities are in awe seeing the footballers in a different outfit. They make jest of the footballers as they struggle to acclimatize to the outfit. One of the footballers- Asisat Oshoala immediately snaps her fingers and they all emerge in their sport shirts and boots. The female celebrities afterwards invite the Super Falcons over to their side.

Next, as all the ladies are having fun, a male celebrity- “Enyinna Nwigwe” wanders into the bar and they all give him a questioning look. He immediately identifies himself as one of the supporters of Super falcons just like the celebrities. He joins them to nip the drink


Perhaps, the message in this advert is more of “be yourself” and not “someone else.” Or better still “live your best life” as indicated in the latter part of the advert.


It is not only “balls” they have, they also have “ishon”. I am seriously trying to decipher this advert. It may not be easily comprehensible for an average learner not to talk of a lame-man. Infact, to grasp this advert, you may need to watch it several times, not because you are enjoying the advert, but because you are trying to comprehend the advert, just like me. Thanks to @Raphael Nwabueze and @Bunmi David who made the advert easy to comprehend.

So, now I understand that the advert was produced to cheer the Super Falcons to victory, hence, the reason they said “We got balls” after changing into their sport wears. So, is this advert a way of saying that though the Super Falcons are females, but they are masculine in structure and appearance? Or is it a way of saying they are tomboys? Is it a way of saying that they can never fit into any “girlie” activity? Is it a way of saying they can never look sexy? Is it a way of saying that they can never look stylish? Is it a way of saying that they can never look good in any other garment aside their garments? Biko nu za ajujum (Please, answer my prayer). So, when they are not on the field, they still move around with their jerseys ba?

Now, I like the title “We got balls,” however the storyline is what is not just fascinating to me. Then, the expressions of the Nollywood actors and musician were just off to me. They were looking so out of place. Their smiles di egwu; like fake and forced smiles, especially the beginning of the advert.

Jeez! The intro scene which was supposed to be fascinating and lead smoothly into the advert the main advert was just poor, fake, cringy and repulsive; again, I repeat, fake smiles. I do not even know the cause of their laughter. I mean Ceec passed a can of Amstel Malta drink and they were all laughing so sheepishly and awkwardly. Why did they even stare at Ceec in disbelieve and in a perplexed way? That Tiwa Savage’s smile was like that of a child; Linda’s smile was like that of someone who doesn’t like Ceec; Tonto Dike’s smile was the worst, it was just not it it at at all throughout the advert. She over acted, her expression was “somehow”, her smiles were just obviously fake, very out of tune, especially the part that the Super Falcons appeared in their sport wears; jeez! A very close friend of mine @Sola Salamade just said “The way she did her mouth is like someone who is thinking that even the Super Falcons are far better than her 40 seconds former hubby- Olakunle Churchill” Dakore’s smile was the best.

So does this advert really cheer the Super Falcons into victory? Well, partially, but only the scene where they appeared in their sport wears, boots and ball; but the even leading to that scene was just not cheering at all.

Again, someone really needs to make me understand this advert. So why were the Super Falcons trying to be like the movie and music stars? Why did they make it seem like that they can never look elegant in other attires aside sport wears? Were the movie and music stars waiting for the Super Falcons? Why did they look at Ceec and Enyinna in the manner they did? All these are very hard to tell because it is a non-verbal advert; as in no spoken words just facial expressions and body language.

Away from the flaws, I love the setting of the place and they looked so gorgeous in their gowns. Ceec’s gown was the best, followed by Dakore E. Akande, Tonto Dike, Linda and Tiwa Savage respectively.

COSTUME: Costumely; they were all looking stunning in their dresses

LOCATION: The video was shot in Nigeria. They used a bar

MUSIC: They started with an instrumental but later moved on to music. I think the title of the song is “Rock u”; that music has been overused.


DURATION: 60 Seconds

Just Wondering

  • The real theme of this advert, because the storyline is really weak
  • So, are they saying that the footballer can’t look good when they are not on their Jerseys? So when they are not playing ball on the field, they are still always on Jerseys ba?
  • That their smile, especially that of Tonto Dike di egbu
  • I thought BBN reality show star- Tobi was supposed to feature in this advert? What happen na?


(“Onome Ebi (Defender), Tochukwu Oluehi (Keeper), Asisat Oshoala (Attacker), Rita Chikwelu (Mid Fielder) and Ngozi Okobi (Defender)”)

Music Video Director: Kemi Adetiba

Nigerian Photographer: Yetunde Ayeni Babaeko

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