The setting may truly look like that of a traditional wedding, but there are certain things missing in this advert which if not missing, could have made the advert perfect. You will find those missing items in the review. Scroll down with me….


There is a traditional wedding between an Igbo lady- Adaku and an Igbo -man though the lady is blind and usually walks around with a cane to support her movement. During the traditional wedding, Adaku’s parents ask her if she is sure she is ready to settle down, (Ahu ajuju oo ubochi wedding) and she nods her head as a way of replying that she is ready to settle down. Her mother afterwards tells her to go and bring her man to them.

Meanwhile, Adaaku’s husband sees that she is ready to come take him to her parents, so he puts a call through her phone and directs her to where he is sitting. Adauku with her spouse’s clear communication is able to locate where he is seated without using her walking cane as a support but rather the clear communication.

Adaaku afterwards expresses how happy she is to her husband that she didn’t use her cane to locate where he is seated. Adaaku’s husband on the other hand is glad that no other man got her before him (I am wondering, before or on the wedding day?) He afterwards tells her that he wants to be her eyes. They both move to where Adauku’s parents are seated where her parents finally bless them.

Basically, the message in the advert is that you can rely on MTN even on special moments. No fear of break in communication as they have clear signals


Such a one-way advert! It is not just enough to have a traditional wedding setting and then have the couple, then the guests; it goes beyond that. There are other things found during a traditional wedding which were missing in the advert . During a traditional wedding, there is what people call gifts from both husband and wife family, I basically didn’t sight any gift. The two or three tubers of yams that I managed to see after searching tirelessly for gifts look like computer placed tubers of yams, which they probably inserted after they discovered that no gift was placed in the ceremony during the advert shoot What happened to gifts like the wrappers, blouses, jewelries, drinks, kolanuts, and so on

Even, the parent of the man getting married was not shown. In every wedding, two people always matter from both the family of the lady and the man and they are the lady’s parents and the man’s parents. Blessings come from both husband’s parents and the wife’s parents. Seriously, I have watched most MTN adverts and most are outstanding, but this particular one, no extra effort was put into it!


• A traditional wedding with nothing edible on the table, except the garden eggs that were only on one side
• Is it that there were no gifts from both the husband and the wife because I basically didn’t sight any
• What kind of drink is that on the table biko?
• Even a funeral doesn’t have a dull setting like that!


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