It seems like the boat of “I go love you and stick with you forever” couple~ Stella Damasus and Daniel Ademinokan has capsized.

Ever since the news of their separation broke out, Stella Damasus has

been posting various posts on her IG with captions that insinuate separation truly.

View some below:

“Don’t let anyone stop you from chasing your dreams. It is your dream, not theirs. If they don’t understand it, that’s okay. There is a reason why the dream came to you and not them. Live your life to the fullest.”

“Life is too short to hold on to pain, anger and past hurts. Move on with your life and live happily. Free yourself from the bondage of unforgiveness. Let it go. Let them go. Be happy!”

“When you are hurt, seek healing from God, don’t let it turn to bitterness. If it does, it will translate to others. A bitter person is the devil’s playground. He loves to play with you and wont leave. When he plays with you, it is to steal, destroy and kill. So, don’t create that atmosphere for him.”

View other insinuating posts below…

Meanwhile, Daniel has not been posting on his Instagram since June, in fact, he turned off his button for comments on previous posts.

Personally, muwa

(As in me, myself and I of Ogefash Photo Blog), I have never considered their union as a real marriage; I saw it more as a business union. The couple does not have children, not even a child except the ones from their previous marriage.

Stella has two daughters from her first marriage to Jaiye Aboderin (Dead now) while Daniel has a son from his first marriage to Doris Simeon (Still living). Stella Damasus seems like one who intentionally does not want to have more children. Perhaps, if she does, all her inheritance from her first marriage would be forfeited; choi, what a life.

Also, why I think their union is business wise, is because, they have never for once called eachother wife or husband, except some cliche word “babe.”

Every anniversary the couple celebrated always had this business tone, and nothing else.

Stella Damasus also seems like one who doesn’t want to change that name~ Damasus, it seems like she loves that name; choi, villagepeople.

What y’all think?



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