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Movie Title: “Within Me”

“Within Me” Synopsis/About the movie “Within Me”

The movie “Within Me” centers on two adolescents, Greg and Ella [Acted by Chidi Dike and Stefania Bassey respectively]. When Greg impregnates Ella, he denies the pregnancy so that his father doesn’t cancel the plan to send him to Canada to further his studies. However, his father cancels his Canada trip and demands that Greg should wait for the child to be born so that the paternity of the child can be confirmed and his innocence proven.

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In the process, Ella is housed in Greg’s house since her mum, Freeda [Acted by Gloria Jemadefe] threw her out of the house for getting pregnant and refusing to abort. Greg and his mother [Acted by Oby Tiyus] begin to maltreat Ella as soon as Greg’s father goes on a business trip. They even threw Ella out of the house. Greg has a change of heart and looks for Ella. He asks for forgiveness and Ella forgives him. A female child was finally born and a lot of secrets were exposed. Find out below:

Cast and Crew


Chidi Dike acted as Greg

Stefania Bassey acted as Ella CLement 

Ejike Ebedilo acted as Greg’s Father

Oby Titus acted as Greg’s mum

Gloria Jemadefe acted as Freeda Clement






Script Supervisor

Emmanuel Igho

Editor [s]

Emmanuel Ikenna Nwani [IYKNOVSKI]

Executive producer [s]

Ruth Kadiri

Producer [s]

Ruth Kadiri

Precious Kadiri

Production Assistant [s]

Ifeanyi Okeke

Onyemadu Chibueze

Assistant Director [s]

Director [s]

Morgan Ukaegbu

Production House

Production Year




Movie Duration

1 hour 47 minutes 49 seconds


This is an interesting movie to watch. A very educative one for teenagers, adolescents, and parents.

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