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Movie Title: “Wife For Sale”

“Wife For Sale” Synopsis/About the movie “Wife For Sale”

This is an extremely hilarious and interesting movie to watch. So hilarious from the beginning to the end.

The movie “Wife For Sale” centers on two irresponsible adults, Uche and Alika [Acted by Ruth Kadiri and Stephen Odimgbe respectively]. Uche is from a poor background. She is quarrelsome and loves to fight everyone both young and old. Alika on the other hand is from a rich background. He loves to drink and doesn’t stop drinking till he is drunk. Everyone calls Alika a drunkard and Uche a fighter.

Uche’s father, Ichie Njoku [Acted by Alex Ayalogu] owes Alika’s father, Mazi Udeh [Acted by Anslem O Omeh] a lot of money. 

money. To settle his loan, Ichie Njoku offers to marry the daughter, Uche out to the Mazi Udeh’s son. Uche, a regular fighter and Alika, a drunkard get married. The unexpected happens in the marriage. Find out what happened below:

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Cast and Crew


Ruth Kadiri acted as Uche

Stephen Odimgbe acted as Alika

Alex Ayalogu acted as Ichie Njoku

Oby Titus acted as Mama Uche

Anslem O Omeh acted as Mazi Udeh

Akorede Olaiya acted as Ike

Lorna Oparaugo acted as Madam Gold

Donna Ilomba acted as Mr. Eze

Millian Jawala acted as Ugo

Lola Nweze acted as Mama Ugo

Praise Ibeh acted as Bar Atendant

Solomon Oluboyo, Ifeanyi Richard, Akinlawal Timazeh acted as Ichie Njoku Boys





Happiness Chioma

Script Supervisor

Akorede Olaiya

Editor [s]

Bukola Balogun

Ofoehu Ifeanyi

Executive producer [s]

Ruth Kadiri

Producer [s]

Precious Kadiri

Production Assistant [s]

Assistant Director [s]

Director [s]

Nwosu Abagana Richard

Production House

Production Year




Movie Duration

1 hour 47 minutes 57 seconds


This movie is a must-watch. So hilarious and interesting.

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