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Movie Title: “Rented Fiance”

“Rented Fiance” Synopsis/About the movie “Rented Fiance”

Just like the title “Rented Fiance,” the movie “Rented Fiance” centers on a young beautiful wealthy lady, Steph [Acted by Chinenye Ulaegbu] who rented a fiance- Jim [Acted by Chidi Dike].

Steph is compelled by her dad- Chief [Acted by Chris Akwaranmadu] to get married before she can inherit all his belongings. She and his rented fiance, Jim had to live in the same house as Steph’s daddy acting like they are a true couple. Steph tortures the rented fiance, day in and day out, she intimidates him with their wealth. However, one day, Steph truly falls in love with Jim. Meanwhile, Jim is in a serious relationship with Linda [Acted by Ada Dike] who consented that he should play a rented fiance to Steph. Who would Jim choose? Steph or Linda?

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Cast and Crew


Chidi Dike acted as Jim

Chineye Ulaegbu acted as Steph

Chris Akwaranmadu acted as Chief

Ada Dike acted as Linda

Charity Asuquo acted as Tessy

Oparaugo Victory acted as Abel

Hydra Aneme acted as Jude




Fatima Jumbo

Script Supervisor

Olajumoke Osisanyan


Innocent Chidi


Executive producer [s]

Hilary Kenechukwu

Producer [s]

Hilary Kenechukwu

Assistant Director [s]

Alijah Tolupe

Director [s]

Kingsley Iweru [DGN]

Production House

Production Year




Movie Duration

1 hour 50 minutes 10 seconds


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