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Movie Title: Premonition

“Premonition” Synopsis/About the movie “Premonition”

The movie “Premonition” centers on a young girl, Sandra [Acted by Uchechi Treasure Okonkwo] with the gift of premonition. With her premonition gift, she can see things before they would happen, and without caring if it would hurt people says them out. This makes her parents Duke and Mabel [Acted by Chike Daniel and Chinelo Ifediche Enemchukwu respectively], her father in particular think that she is possessed.

Sandra’s birth causes a rift between her parents. Not really because of her premonition gift, but because on the day she was born, the mother of her father died and her father lost his well-paying job. Moreso, Mabel didn’t have another child.

Things get worse between Duke and Mabel when Duke’s sister, Amaka [Acted by Ifeoma Nnebe] brings her friend, Ijeoma [Acted by Ugegbe Ajaelo] into her brother’s house to chase out the real wife. Find out what the child with a premonition gift does below:

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Cast and Crew


Chike Daniel acted as Duke

Chinelo Ifediche Enemchukwu acted as Mabel

Uchechi Treasure Okonkwo acted as Sandra

Degri Emmanuel acted as Max

Ugegbe Ajaelo acted as Ifeoma

Ifeoma Nebe acted as Amaka

Princess Onyinyechi Okorojiofor acted as Peacer

Chidera Chukwu acted as Treasure

Fidelis Ogbonanya acted as Pastor Jack

Diamond Kater Yoshi acted as Pastor John

Chukwuemeka Ogbona acted as Prophet

Caleb One acted as Pastor Philip



Nelly Kelvins


Nelly Kelvins


Script Supervisor

Eneh Rita

Editor [s]

Aliyu Husseini

Ojo Emmanuel [Supervising Editor]

Executive producer [s]

Chijioke Okonkwo Jr.

Producer [s]

Ogechi Patience Eze

Production Assistant [s]

Assistant Director [s]

Director [s]

Diamond Kater Boshi

Production House

Ruth Kadiri

Production Year




Movie Duration

2 hour 16 minutes 53 seconds


This is an interesting movie to watch, although I am wondering if all those insolent acts by Sandra were realistic. She only had a gift and not power. I hated the scene where she slapped her aunt and her aunt couldn’t slap back. Perhaps, the aunt feared she had powers.

Here's my view

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