[+ Cast and Crew] “Pink or Blue” Synopsis

Movie Title: Pink or Blue

Movie Synopsis: Pink or Blue

The movie “Pink Or Blue” centers on two adults, Caius and Nuella [Acted by Dera The Great and Scarlet Gomez] from a broken home. Nuella due to how her father maltreated her mother, vowed never to marry. Caius due to how his mother abandoned him vowed never to marry.

One day, both Caius and Nuella who vowed never to marry go visit their doctor friend [Acted by Oparaugo Victory]. The doctor introduces Nella to Caius and vice versa. It happens that both Nuella and Caius want the same thing. They both want kids without having to have sex or marry anyone. They opt for IVF. The first IVF fails and this leaves both of them sad. They also go their separate ways. However, one thing brings them together. What could that be? Find out below:

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Cast and Crew


Dera the Great acted as Caius

Scarlet Gomez acted as Nuella/Stella

Akorede Olaiya acted as 

Oparaugo Victory acted as Doctor

Frances Nwabubike acted as Nuella’s sister

Ijeoma Okorie Ann acted as 

George Ezenwora acted as



Onyi Cindy Umeh


Onyi Cindy Umeh


Script Supervisor

Akorede Olaiya

Editor [s]

Emmanuel Ikenna Nwani [IYKNOVSKI]

Steve Ibe Godspower

Ofoehu Ifeanyi

Executive producer [s]

Ruth Kadiri

Producer [s]

Precious Kadiri

Ruth Kadiri

Production Assistant [s]

Assistant Director [s]

Director [s]

Morgan Ukaegbu

Production House

Ruth Kadiri

Production Year




Movie Duration

1 hour 47 minutes 27 seconds


There was no name for the cast and I am wondering if this was a rushed production. The major actors, Caius and Nuella were the only ones with the names. Even Nuella’s name is not certain. In the beginning, the doctor introduces her as Stella, but, all through the movie, we get to know that her name is Nuella. The other name mentioned in the movie is Rob or Bob. For other casts, I am at a loss for their names.

Away from the issue of naming of the cast, the movie is a great watch.

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