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Movie Title: “Mannerless”

“Mannerless” Synopsis/About the movie “Mannerless”

A wealthy and influential guy, Phil [Acted by Chidi Dike] hears a pretty light-skinned lady, Winnie [Acted by Stefansam] vehemently rebukes dating poor guys while on the phone with a friend. Winnie says she can never date poor guys. Phil hearing this decides to act like a poor guy and then try dating her.

He and his friend/colleague [Acted by Eronini Osinachm] mastermind a game. Phil’s friend pretends to be the one in love with Winnie and acts so rich. Meanwhile, Phil acts like an errand boy who always delivers his friend’s gifts to Winnie, whereas the gifts are from him. Somehow, Winnie and Phil don’t like each other and always quarrel. Which made Phil name Winnie Mannerless. However, in the latter part of the movie, there is this closeness between them. Will Phil reveal his true identity to Winnie? Find out below:

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Cast and Crew


Chidi Dike acted as Phil

Eronini Osinachm acted as Joke

Stefansam acted as Winnie

Pretty Amadi acted as Gloria

Hannah Osajie acted as Debbie

Abeji Onyinyechi acted as Nurse



Ruth Kadiri




Script Supervisor

Olajumoke Osisanyan

Editor [s]

Bukola Balogun

Samuel Adediran

Executive producer [s]

Ruth Kadiri

Producer [s]

Precious Kadiri

Assistant Director [s]

Director [s]

Nwosu Abagana Richard

Production House

Production Year




Movie Duration

1 hour 32 minutes 09 seconds


This script is not realistic. So, very unrealistic from the beginning to the end, especially the part where Winnie dashed Phil 15 million naira. Ah ah

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