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Movie Title: Her Holiness

“Her Holiness” Synopsis/About the movie “Her Holiness”

The movie “Her Holiness” centers on a wife, Elizabeth [Acted by Ruth Kadiri] who tries to portray holiness in her dress, words, and actions. She however goes overboard with her holiness when she chooses to have sx, cook, and do other wifely duties infrequently for her husband, John [Acted by Stephen Odimgbe].

It doesn’t end there, her over-holiness attitude cost her husband contracts as she always reacts violently whenever she sees him with a lady. She also frustrated a lot of neighbors in the neighborhood. Countless times, her husband tries telling her that she is going overboard and she should be moderate, but, she still won’t listen. She continues with her act until she frustrates her husband out of the home and he finds peace somewhere else. What do you think John did? Find out what John did next below:

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Cast and Crew


Ruth Kadiri acted as Elizabeth

Stephen Odimgbe acted as John

Atewe Raphael acted as Timi

Chidera Favour acted as Precious

Yvonne Okpata acted as Kemi

Chief Ewie Aiimi Eriwalu acted as Chairman

Egbono E John acted as Amanda

Blessing Anthony acted as Girl

Merit Orji acted as Girl 2

Trust Mandy acted as Girl 3

Osas Francis acted as Gateman




CJ Uuegwu


Script Supervisor

Dickson John

Editor [s]

Aniekwe O Victor

Executive producer [s]

Stephen Odimgbe

Producer [s]

Stephen Odimgbe

Production Assistant [s]

Assistant Director [s]

Director [s]

St. Michael Sabastine

Production House

Production Year




Movie Duration

2 hour 17 minutes 06 seconds


This movie is a must-watch. So intriguing.

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