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Movie Synopsis: Fighting Self

About the movie: Fighting Self

The movie “Fighting Self” centers on a widower, Steve [Acted by Toosweet Annan] with two female teenagers, Maya and Oma Ojukwu [Acted by Uchechi Treasure Okonkwo and Oma Ojukwu respectively]

The teenagers feared that they would lose their father’s love and he might replace their mum with another womananother woman, but their dad assured them that he had no intention of remarrying. However, Steve couldn’t keep to his assurance anymore as he fell helplessly in love with a neighbor, Miranda [Acted by Ajanigo Simeon].

This didn’t go down well with his teenage daughters as they frustrated Miranda and told several lies against her so she and their dad could separate. They fought her in several ways little did they know they were fighting themselves. How did they fight themselves? Find out below:

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Cast and Crew


Toosweet Annan acted as Steve

Ajanigo Simeon acted as Miranda

Uchechi Treasure Okonkwo acted as Maya

Oma Ojukwu acted as Alicia



Diamond Kater Boshi


Diamond Kater Boshi


Script Supervisor

Okonkwo Chidinma Joyce

Editor [s]

Ojo Emmanuel

Michae Jay[Asst Editor]

Executive producer [s]

Chijioke Okonkwo Jr.

Producer [s]

Ogechi Patience Eze

Production Assistant [s]

Assistant Director [s]

Director [s]

Diamond Kater Boshi

Production House

Ruth Kadiri

Production Year




Movie Duration

1 hour 41 minutes 48 seconds


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