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Movie Title: Better Half/Bullet For You

“Better Half” Synopsis/About the movie “Better Half”

I don’t even know the real title of this movie whether it is “Betterhalf” or “Bullet For You.” Regardless of the confusion in the title, this movie is a must-watch.

The movie “Better Half” centers on a very young male student, Kanye [Acted by Chidi Dike] who falls helplessly in love with his beautiful, sexy, and hardworking lecturer, Sia [Acted by Uche Montana]. This lecturer happens to be way older than him. Kanye knew fully well that if he approached SIA face to face and expressed his feelings as well as asked her to date him, she would turn him down outrightly.

So, Kanye finds other means [online dating means] to date Sia and lets his Grandfather, [Acted by Sir Chris Akwarandu] know about his intentions to marry Sia without being present on the wedding day. Sia falls deeply in love with Kanye oblivious that it is one of her students. After their wedding, Sia was taken to the house to see her husband and this happens… What happened? Find out here…

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Cast and Crew


Chidi Dike acted as Kanye

Uche Montana acted as Sia

Sir Chris Akwarandu acted as Kanye’s Grandfather

Obi Titus acted as Sia’s Mum

Edwin Oghenekaro acted as Sias’s Father

Nanya Chukwuemeka acted as Bella

Gloria Jemadefe acted as Maria

Detola Jones acted as Muna

Richard Ifeanyi acted as the Delivery guy





Onyii Cindy Umeh

Script Supervisor

Osawese Omarege

Editor [s]

Bukola Balogun

Samuel Adediran

Executive producer [s]

Ruth Kadiri

Producer [s]

Precious Kadiri

Assistant Director [s]

Director [s]

Nwosu Abagana Richard

Production House

Production Year




Movie Duration

1 hour 49 minutes 40 seconds


This movie is beyond interesting. So, very interesting to watch. A good screenplay. No boring scenes, they are very intriguing. If you are that person who has given up on love, oya, sharpily go watch this movie.

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