Mohbad “Tiff (Thief)/Marlian Diss” Lyrics In English

Mohbad “Tiff (Thief)” Song Information

Artist name: Ilerioluwa Oladimeji
Stage name:  Mohbad
Artist Featured: 
Year of release: 2022
Video duration: 2  minutes 0 seconds
Video link: Feel free to scroll down
No of verses:   2
No of pre-choruses:   
No of choruses: 2
No of post-choruses: 1
Language: Standard English, Pidgin, Yoruba
Video Location: Nigeria
Other details: This is just the snippet. “Tiff/Thief” is a diss track to Naira Marley and the record label Marlians” after a disagreement with them.

Mohbad “Tiff (Thief)” Song Breakdown

In the chorus, Mohbad laments about the way he was exploited by his former record label. He believes that one-day Naira Marley would be exposed for constantly exploiting artists.

In verse 1, he sings about how his former record label lied against him, threatened his family, exploited him, and planned to ruin him. But in all, he says God protected him.

Mohbad “Tiff (Thief)” Meaning

In the song “Tiff (Thief)” by Mohbad, the artist narrates his experience while under Naira Marley’s “Marlian Record Label.”

According to Mohbad, he was constantly cheated. That means Naira Marley ripped him off his entitlements. He also takes a swipe at the other signees under the record label.

Mohbad “Tiff (Thief)” Lyrics


Everyday for the thief, one day for the owner (Everyday is for the thief, one day is for the owner.)


Won ti s’ojoro oh oh oh (They have cheated)


Everyday for the thief, one day for the owner (Everyday is for the thief, one day is for the owner.)

Won ti s’ojoro (They have cheated.)

Imole (Light.)

Verse 1

Seb’ajose Marlians ni (We did/were Marlians together.)

Won wa fe ma corner mi (They want to play a fast one on me.)

Won paro (They are lying.)

Won tun fe ma bother mi (They want to bother me.)

But Oluwa cover mi (But God covers me.)

Won pe daddy mi (They called my daddy.)

Won threaten mummy mi (They threatened my mummy.)

They wan take the peace in me (They want to take away my peace.)

Won fe m’Olorun mi (They want to know my God.)


Everyday for the thief, one day for the owner (Everyday is for the thief, one day is for the owner.)

Paso Wonder, fvck their gunners

Emi Messi, I no be loser (I am Messi, I am not a loser.)

Won fe ki Ronaldo gba corner (They want me to suffer downfall.)

Barcelona for the corner

Hmm, hmm, won fe kin wo sapa (They want me to be broke.)

I don stop to smoke ganja (I have stopped smoking Marijuana.)

Mo dupe f’Oluwa hallelujah (I give thanks to God.)


Zz, ko ja (Zz, pass/not smart)

Black, ko bad (Black, isn’t bad.)

Dollar, mo rise (Dollar is rising.)

Why is Naira going down?

Verse 2

Kosi much but mo guide (There isn’t much but I am guided.)

Ah, mi o fresh but mo fine (I am not fresh but I am fine.)

Won riran, mo sight (They can’t see, but I can see.)

In the darkness, I’m the light oh

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