“Beast and Peace” Lyrics in English by Mohbad

Mohbad “Beast and Peace” Song Details

Artist name: Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba (Nigerian Rapper, Singer and songwriter) 
Stage name:  Mohbad
Artist Featured:  
Year of release: 2023
Video duration: 2 minute [s] 22 second [s]
Video link: Feel free to scroll down
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Language: Pidgin, Yoruba
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Producer:   NiphkeysDirector:  Album:  “Blessed”

Mohbad “Beast and Peace” Song/Lyrics Breakdown

Mohbad in the song “Beast and Peace” sings about different things. He starts with the description of his quiet personality which he says has always been a part of him since the 90’s when they have been making beats. However, he said even though he is quiet or a peaceful person, he can equally be a beast “violent.” He also says winning doesn’t have to be achieved by harming people. He sings about the importance of getting connected to what would be helpful for one. According to him, no one can go far without being connected to God. He is standing with God and no one can betray him. He was down but now he feels good. 

Mohbad further sings about people trying to taint his image as a heavy drug user. He says regardless of their attempt to tarnish his image,  he was able to overcome and get to the top. He says his performances in Nigeria and London leave people in awe. He takes his fans down memory lane on his hit songs like KPK, Ponmo, and Light boy, showing off how he is shining. He also takes his fans down memory lane on the first money he collected where he said he used it to purchase a bazooka and gave it to sharpshooters who aimed it at fake people.

Furthermore, Mohbad says his skills were so exceptional that his parents had to ask him where he got them from. He sings about people imitating him and how he is richer than people who are older than him. He also says there is no one like him even though they are trying to imitate him, and no matter how much they want to tarnish him, they won’t succeed in it. 

What is the meaning of the song “Beast and Peace” by Mohbad?

What does Mohbad “Beast and Peace” mean?

“Beast and Peace” Meaning Mohbad

Meaning of “Beast and Peace”

“Beast and Peace” Meaning

“Beast and Peace” by Mohbad see the artist sing about the two sides of him, the good [peaceful] side and the bad [beast/violent] side. This he says to forewarn those who may want to take his meekness or gentleness for granted. He further says murder is not the only sinful act as there are other things that people do which is also sinful. He advises people not to harm someone in their bid to triumph.

Beast and Peace Lyrics 

Lyrics Beast and Peace

Mohbad “Beast and Peace” Lyrics 

“Beast and Peace” Lyrics Mohbad

Lyrics to “Beast and Peace” Mohbad



The winds will come

Imole [Light]

To steal the words I say



Ahn, mo silent mood, but beast ni mi [I am silent mood,, but, I am a beast]

Mo le cause violence, but still, peace ni mi [I can cause violence, but, I am “Peaceful”

You don’t have to hurt me, before you win

You don’t have to kill somebody before you sin

Osa le browse, lai de lo sub o [You can not browse without subscription]

Ode le go far without God oh [And you can not go far without God.]

So, mo duro t’Olùwà [ “Wait on God.”]

So, ko kin ṣe iru wa [It is not our type]

Even toba fun yin labo pẹlu spoon, ẹ le joju wa [Even if they give you a plate and a spoon, you can not back stab me]

Emi ma de ti bad, lati aye ladi ladi [I have been bad since the days of “Ladi Ladi”]

Lati aye 1990 to nlu beat pati-pati [Since the 1990’s when they made beats…]

Emi tímo feel bad, mo de tí feel good [ I feel bad, I now feel good.]

Now, mo feel better, Surulere bi Ojuelegba [Now, I feel better. Surulere like Ojuelegba.]

Toripe mo wo nkan, won so pe mowa on drug [Because I put on something, they said I am on drugs.]

Now, mowa on top, life mi ode ni contour [Now, I am on top, my life has no contour]

Mo pawon ni Naija, mo tun bawọn ní London [I impressed them in Nigeria and still was able to meet up in London]

Fún wọn ní KPK, Ponmo, Light boy, wo, mo ‘ńta’na [I gave them songs such as KPK, Ponmo, Lightboy; see, I am shining]

Light boy mo ńta’na [Light boy, see, I am shining]

Uh, mummy mi ati daddy mi, won kan lo n question mí [My mum and dad were just questioning me]

Won ni, “Ibo loti rí vibe yi, se ọwọ demon?” [They said “Where did you see this vibe, is it from the demon?]

Awon to senior mi, won bere, “Where you see money?” [Those that are older than me are asking “Where did you see the money?]

Awon ti mo ju lo, won photocopy mi [Those that I’m older than, they are imitating me.]

First cashout mi, omo iya, mo de fi ra Bazooka [My first cash out, I used it to buy Bazooka]

Mo ko fun awon sharpshooter [I gave it to sharpshooters]

Ẹ ma binu toba da sita [Don’t be offended if they pour/bring them outside.]

Tra-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta fun awọn fake n!gga [For the fake N!ggas]

Awon t’ofe shame mi [Those that want to shame me]

Wo, emi was shameless [See, I am shameless]

Won fe stain white mi, but mo wa stainless [They want to stain my white, but, I am stainless]

Awon n!gga to leave mí, wọn le ri realness [Those n!gga that left me, they can’t see realness.]

Torí pe silence mí, no mean say na weakness [Because my silence doesn’t mean weakness.]

Shoutaout to Iba J, Diarra, pelu Hayan [Shoutout to Iba J, Diarra and Hayan]

CY, Darosha, Prime Boy

Spending with my daddy

Life mi wa splendid [My life is splendid]

Oloo, Zomo, TIA, Bella




Mí sa mo [I know]

Won ni iru e [They don’t have this type]

Iru e toni, ko kin se original [The one they have is not original]


O fe, o fe sun mo mi [They want to move close to me]

But, ko kin se oun gan gan [But, not them exactly.]

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