(+Lyrics) Olamide “Street Jam” Meaning, Lyrics breakdown and Review 

Olamide “Street Jam” Song Details


Artist name: Olamide Adedeji  (Nigerian Rapper, singer and songwriter) 

Stage name:  Olamide 

Artist Featured:  

Year of release: 2023

Video duration: 2 minute [s] 08 second [s]

Video link: Feel free to scroll down

No of verse [s]: 1

No of pre-choruses:   

No of choruses: 2

No of post-choruses:  

Language: Standard English, pidgin, Yoruba

Video Location: 

Other details:

Producer:   Eskeez


Album:  “Unruly”



Olamide “Street Jam” Song/Lyrics Breakdown

In the chorus, Olamide seems to brag about the money he has and his indigenous music. He regards his sound as a distinctive one, a sound different from others. He says it is unconquerable and regards himself as superior. 

In the lengthy verse 1, Olamide raps about different things. He raps about the similarity between heaven and earth. He takes a swipe at clerics that are shady in their service to God. He also takes a swipe at people living in Lagos, as he says they are more troublesome or crazier beings. He spurs people to enjoy their lives when they can. He raps about those that caress other people’s spouses, especially a man that caresses a soldier’s wife. He says if caught would suffer severe punishment. He also raps about people into drugs and how they stylishly package the drugs. He raps about girls and s- x. Lastly, he raps about how he is dominating the industry and says no one can catch up with him. He says he still has a lot of songs in store even though people think it is over for him musically.

What is the meaning of the song “Street Jam” by Olamide?

What does Olamide “Street Jam” mean?

“Street Jam” Meaning Olamide 

Meaning of “Street Jam”

“Street Jam” Meaning

“Street Jam” by Olamide sees the artist point out some street ventures some of which include s- €x , drugs, crazy and unholy living. He raps about his dominance in the music industry and how his indigenous song is different from others.

Street Jam Lyrics 

Olamide “Street Jam” Lyrics 

“Street Jam” Lyrics Olamide 

Lyrics to “Street Jam” Olamide 



This is for the streets wey be day one fan [This is for the streets that are day-one fans.]

At’awon omo butty wey be day one fan [And those well-bred that are day-one fans.]

Huh, ya, Eskeez turn me up, jeka lo jo [Eskeez, turn me up. Let’s go.]


Ewo tu lele yi? (yuh) [Which one’s this?]

Ki lotun gbede yi? (yuh) [What did they bring?]

Anoti lele yi (yuh) [This one’s unbeatable.]

Baba yin lele yi (yuh) [This Is your father/ superior]

Na money (yuh) [It’s money]

Dey ginger moral (yuh) [That gingers moral]

Hustle everyday (yuh)

Oya lowo wa (yuh) [Go and check it]

[Verse 1]

Eruku (yuh) [Smoke]

Orun mu oru (yuh) [The heaven brings out heat.]

Bo ‘n se shey laye (yuh) [The way they behave on earth]

L’onse shey l’orun (yuh) [Is the way they behave in Heaven.]

Mo mo alufa (yuh) [I know a Muslim cleric]

To n’ je elede (yuh) [That eats pig]

Mo mo pastor (yuh) [I know a pastor]

To n’ mu pelebe (yuh) [That drinks ]

Oya, alaye (yuh) [Bro/Sis

Malosagbenede (yuh)

Jaye to maje (yuh) [Enjoy the life you want to enjoy.]

Malo pen’be (yuh) [Don’t stay there for too long.]

Talo te iyawo sojo loyan (yuh) [Who pressed the br€@st of the soldier’s wife]

O ti daran, baba e mashe frog jump (yuh) [You are in trouble. Your father would do frog jump.]

Awon omo eko were won chronic (yuh) [The Lagos people’s madness is chronic.]

Bo ‘n she ‘n la molly na l’otun gbe poli (yuh) [The way they lick drugs is the same way they carry it.]

What do you do? (yuh)

This is how we do (yuh)

Every senorita say they wanna be my boo (yuh) [Every senorita said they want to be my boo.]

They say the young kid no go become pro (yuh) [They said the young kid won’t become a pro.]

Omo f-v–ck their papa jo dem be kalampo (yuh)

The Capone, now I’m in control (yuh)

Controlling the bando (yuh)

Iyan no be Poundo (yuh) [Pounded yam is not Poundo]

Fimile baby, fimi le (yuh) [Leave me]

Like Dj YK my n!gga mo ma mule (yuh) [Like DJ YK my n!gga, I will drop it.]

Judi le baby judi le (yuh) [Baby free  your bvm]

The gbedu you dey listen to you know na ibile (yuh) [You know the music you are listening to is indigenous]

Motola (yuh) mashe shakara (yuh) [Motola, don’t front.]

O fe rapala (yuh)

Iwo to ye kamala (yuh) [You that we ought to l!ck.]

To ye kamarun (yuh) [That we ought to squeeze]

To ye kamage (yuh) [That we ought to break]

To ye kama (Whistles) [That we ought to…]

To ye kama ye ye (yuh) [That we ought to…]

In da club (yuh) pelu Wande coal (yuh) [In the club with Wande Coal.]

No de dengepo (yuh) [Stop fronting]

Jekanenepo (yuh)

I like the way I’m feeling now be Ladipo (yuh) [I like the way I am feeling now like Ladipo]

Won fe lemi won le bami, iyayin loma rupo (yuh) [They want to chase me but they can’t catch up with me. It is your mother/people that would come last.]

Fami fami fami fami doremi (yuh)

Won robi orin yen ti tan ni, elo bere mi (yuh) [They thought the song has finished, go and ask after me.]

Mo le rap lati ibi bayi de Germani (yuh) [I can rap from here to Germany.]

Shey e fe lo ma whine ni, odan pe were ni iya yin (yuh) [You want to be teasing? I think your mum/your people are mad.]

Oya pe Carol (yuh) [Call Carol]

Mofe se parol (yuh) [I want to do some things]

Ko ye koma ro (yuh) [You ought not to think about it.]

Awa ni bankroll (yuh) [We are the bankroll.]

Okay, kama roll (yuh) [Okay, let us roll]

O ye kama fo (yuh) [We ought to flow]

O ye kajoma we bi eja we safo (yuh) [We ought to bathe together like the fish bathes…]

Baby boo now you rolling with best (yuh)

I know you from the block like Jennifer Lopez (yuh)

Aye po ko de ye kotu ma guess (yuh) [There is so much space, you ought not to be guessing]

Taba gbe e lo Jaiye, you go penkelemess (yuh) [If we take you to enjoy life, you would misbehave.]


Ewo tu lele yi? (yuh) [Which one’s this?]

Ki lotun gbede yi? (yuh) [What did they bring?]

Anoti lele yi (yuh) [This one’s unbeatable.]

Baba yin lele yi (yuh) [This Is your father/ superior]

Na money (yuh) [It’s money]

Dey ginger moral (yuh) [That gingers moral]

Hustle everyday (yuh)

Oya lowo wa (yuh) [Go and check it]

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