(+Lyrics) Ckay ft Blaqbonez “Hallelujah” Meaning, Lyrics breakdown and Review 

Ckay ft Blaqbonez “Hallelujah” Song Details


Artist name: Chukwuka Chukwuma Ekweani  (Nigerian singer and songwriter) 

Stage name:  Ckay

Artist Featured:  Nigerian rapper, singer and songwriter, Emeka Akumefule [Aka Blaqbonez]

Year of release: 2023

Video duration: 2 minutes 34 seconds

Video link: Feel free to scroll down

No of verse [s]:     2

No of pre-choruses:   

No of choruses: 2

No of post-choruses:  

Language: Standard English, Pidgin

Video Location: 

Other details:

Producer: Magicsticks


Album: “Sad Romance.”



Ckay ft Blaqbonez “Hallelujah” Song/Lyrics Breakdown

In verse 1, Ckay is rebuking the return of suffering in his life after encountering it in the past. He said he had nothing and no one understood him. He said nobody noticed or helped him. He lived a miserable poor life. He is thankful to God for a change of status. God moved him from nothing to something, from trenches to a better life. He is now looking good and attractive. He desires to just make money and love.

In verse 2, Blaqbonez brags about how terrific he has been musically over the years. He brags about his luxurious vehicle and his ability to win anyone that bets with him.

In the chorus, CKay is thankful to God that he is making money. He is eating whatever he feels like eating and he is living a fun-filled life.

What is the meaning of the song “Hallelujah” by Ckay ft Blaqbonez?

What does Ckay ft Blaqbonez “Hallelujah” mean?

“Hallelujah” Meaning Ckay ft Blaqbonez

Meaning of Hallelujah?

Hallelujah Meaning?

“Hallelujah” by Ckay ft Blaqbonez sees the artists go down memory lane where they talked about their tough times. Times people did not care about them or bother to help. They were so poor and were in a bad state. However, God turned their story around. He lifted them from grass to grace, now they have a lot of money and are now enjoying life. They can afford to eat any food of their choice, spend how they like, and live a fun-filled life. They are thankful to God for making the impossible possible for them.

Ckay Lyrics 

Ckay ft Blaqbonez “Hallelujah” Lyrics 

“Hallelujah” Lyrics Ckay ft Blaqbonez

Lyrics to “Hallelujah” Ckay ft Blaqbonez



Tune in to the king of sounds and blues.

[Verse 1: CKay]

I just wanna make love and money

Walahi, suffer, suffer life is not for me [Honestly, a suffering life is not for me.]

See me I come from nothing

See me I come from trenches

Nothing dey my aza for fourteen days [Nothing was in my account [bank] for fourteen days.]

And nobody feel my pain, uh-uh [Nobody felt my pain.]

I will never be the same, uh-uh

I was a different case, uh-uh

When dem look my side dem dey say, “Ah, ah” [When they look at my side, they exclaim “Ah-ah”]

Nobody pass the Almighty [Nobody is more than the Almighty]

Nobody fit follow me fight [Nobody can fight with me.]

My face show my shoe shine [My face is dazzling and my shoe is shining]

My shoe shine, my shoe shine

[Chorus: CKay]


I’m getting mula [I am getting money.]

Inside cooler, cooler

Eating suya


Living la vida loca

Owo wolе eh eh eh eh [Money comes in]

[Verse 2: Blaqbonez]

Yeah, I been on the road all day, I’m chasing mula

Fire dеy my mouth like azula [Fire is in my mouth like Azula.]

Turn a magic beat into suya [Turn Magic [Magicstick] beat into something eatable [suya]]

Tune in to the king of sounds and music

Yeah, I been hot for like four years

And they wonder if I’m done yet

People be like rice for my concert 

Welcome, welcome the new converts

In a whip wey dey convert, ah-ah-ah [In a whip that converts.]

Buju say he wan’ race me [Buju said he wants to race with me]

Tell am we go do am unfailingly, yeah [Tell him that we would do it unfailingly.]

CKay bought an AMG

So it’s three bad boys with V8 engines


You want to lose bet against me (Uh)

We flexing (Uh)

Uh-uh, till the end, uh

[Chorus: CKay]


I’m getting mula [I am getting money.]

Inside cooler, cooler

Eating suya


Living la vida loca

Owo wolе eh eh eh eh [Money comes in]

[Outro: CKay]


Owo wolе eh eh eh eh [Money comes in]

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