Talk With Ogefash (T.W.O) EP 7 “How many bottles of beer should he consume in a day? He took 7!!!

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How many bottles of beer should he consume in a day? He took 7!!!

Ogefash’s reply
Collins Dictionary defines “Beer” as “An alcoholic drink brewed from malt, sugar, hops, and water and fermented with yeast. 

In layman’s language: Beer is a yellow or brown alcoholic drink that froths or foams around the edge.

So, there is this guy I am so into. I am craving this guy. His name is Tommy. If you watched my last video, you would have heard me mention him as my ex who just wants to have a fun relationship and not a serious relationship.

Tommy likes to drink, and I can tell he drinks excessively. Because one day, he told me he drinks only 1 and a half bottles per day. I am wondering what he means by that though. Is it that he buys 2 bottles of beer, drinks 1 and a half, and pours the remaining half away or he shares the remaining half with his friend? He was just trying to soft-soap me into believing that he doesn’t drink so much.

So one thing led to another, and Tommy and I discontinued the relationship. But, because I miss him dearly, I sometimes go back to our WhatsApp chats. Believe me, Tommy and I have interesting dialogues with so much sxual tension. [You can view the screenshot of some of the dialogues on the blog]. Ah, bobo ye bad gan.

So, as I was saying, I read through our chats and then saw where he mentioned that he drank 7 bottles of Goldberg beer in a day, on the spot, at his friend’s birthday party. I didn’t believe him, I felt he was trying to push me away since he knew I was already deeply into him. 

So, whether he was telling a lie or not, I don’t know. But, you that you are watching the video or reading on the blog, have you been in a relationship with a guy that took seven bottles of beer on the spot?

Personally, 7 bottles of beer, odi [is] too much, ah ah kilode? I can’t even finish two bottles of minerals on the spot. Although, if it is extremely cold, I am likely to. But, then, I am sure I won’t be able to eat any food at that moment because there would have already been too much liquid in my tummy.

So, how many bottles of beer max, should a guy take? 

Honestly, if you can take one fine, but don’t do more than two bottles of beer. [I hope my pastor is not viewing this.]
You can’t possibly consume 7 bottles and not risk having health issues. 

According to articles by WebMD, Healthline, and APlustopper

You would just suffer belly fat, fat around the abdomen, you will now have pot belly and look like one pregnant woman. If you are now someone that loves to drink excessively but you don’t exercise, honestly, your belly is a goner, its gone, otilo. It would be over-big, bigger than a pregnant woman’s. Sometimes you would be gaining weight, not the posh weight gain, awon sisora oshi. Also, you are likely to suffer blackouts, drowsiness, or stroke. It can weaken your immune system. It can cause you to have low blood sugar, high blood pressure, cancer, liver, or digestive problems. It can also intoxicate you. You can also start vomiting especially when you get drunk, and make you start misbehaving. For instance, my ex told me he was drunk after seven bottles and was not misbehaving. When guys misbehave like that, sometimes, it may lead them to have s€x with another woman that is not their lover, get into fights, beat their spouse, or drive recklessly and kill themselves.

So, don’t wait till you start suffering all these or you become unfit, all you need do is limit your intake of beer.

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