[Recap] Talk With Ogefash (T.W.O) EP 3 “Is it right to twerk in religious houses?

[It’s T.W.O, Talk With Ogefash Baby]


Hi Ogefash can I also twerk in a religious gathering?

Ogefash’s reply

Hmm, nothing wey man no go see for this life o.

The last time I checked, the definition of twerking has not changed.

Oxford Dictionary defines twerking as “The act of dancing to popular music in a sxually provocative manner, often involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance.

In layman’s language: Twerking is a sxually provocative dance, or moving your body [buttocks and hips] in particular in ways that can sexually arouse people.

So, I know the religious world has partly been diluted with the secular (Not religious) world, but there should be a limit to this obvious dilution.

By the way, what do I mean by “The Religious world has been partly diluted?” Here is the meaning…

We know that most dance steps and slang originate from people in the secular world. These dance steps are however carried by people in the religious world. Mind you, some didn’t watch these songs intentionally, they perhaps stumbled on them, and now took to their various places of worship for religious use. Iye no nice [As in that’s nice too, abi what ya think?]

Now on a certain day, I stepped into a religious house where I saw everyone dancing excitedly to religious songs but with secular dance steps. It was okay by me, after all, a “Yoruba” song says “Ijo mba jo (2x), Ijo mba jo fun orisa, ma ku ku jo fun Oluwa” as in “Whatever kind of dance I dance to a smaller god, I would also dance it to the Biggest God”

I was however put off when I saw a lady squat and twerk for some seconds before she got hold of herself; hia!

I even recently stumbled on a video where a pastor was taking Davido’s Unavailable as a praise song. He was like “sickness, poverty… ” I am unavailable. Hmm, nkan sele, mewa sele.

So is it right to twerk in religious houses? To me, that’s naughty, now what about you? Is it right to twerk in Religious houses? Fill us in via the comment box

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