[Recap] Talk With Ogefash (T.W.O) EP 2 “What can make you commit suicide? What can’t?

[It’s T.W.O, Talk With Ogefash Baby]


Follower: Hi Ogefash I am tired of life, I always feel like committing suicide!

Ogefash’s reply

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines suicide as “The act or an instance of taking one’s own life voluntarily and intentionally.”

In layman’s language: Suicide is when you consciously kill yourself.

So, I scan through stories making the rounds on dailies, and the internet, and, honestly, more suicide stories were making the rounds. 

Interestingly, these people who commit suicide, now do it leaving a note. Hence, making the work of detectives and other uniformed men easy to do. Unlike the olden days, people commit suicide, and people, their loved ones, and uniformed men try to decipher what happened, who or what pushed them into committing suicide, or if someone killed them and made it look like a suicide or the people behind their deaths.

So do we now use this “new trend” to say that those that committed suicide in the past (before the internet age) and people who thought they were killed or framed up to do so, actually committed suicide willingly? Maybe! Maybe not!

But, the truth is that people are now readily comfortable with taking their own lives when no one is trying to kill them; a life that they didn’t create. 

Some of the notes left by those that committed suicide range from:

 “My boyfriend/girlfriend jilted me [You better go listen to Good as hell by Lizzo], my mum/dad don’t want me to change religion, I was expelled from school, I am a failure [According to huffspot.com, Thomas Edison, a famous inventor, failed 10,000 times but never gave up; so what the heck is wrong with you], I have terrible school grades, Oh I think I am worthless…” 

The most recent in my country is a lady that killed herself and dropped a note where she stated “Life is not worth living for.”

I wish all these people committing suicide would appear to one or two or more people still living on earth, and tell “in particular” the next “suicide attempters” what is on the other side of life; if there is anything there for them at the other side of life.

I wish those that committed suicide would tell “in particular” the next “suicide attempters” if they were able to get fulfillment, peace of mind, and the rest they so yearn for after killing themselves. 

Well, I wish I could provide an answer to that, but sorry I do not have an answer because for me to be writing this article that means I haven’t committed suicide and won’t be doing that anyway; so b#tches be pressed.

Personally, I try to avoid the topic “Suicide.” There is a saying in the Bible, 1 Corinthians 10:12 “Let him that thinketh he standeth, take heed lest he falls.” 

What am I trying to say, there is a way you can go about saying that you would never commit suicide but end up doing it easily. I have heard stories of people who kept on telling people that they can never commit suicide, meanwhile, they were planning to do so.

So that brings me to the question I would love to ask all readers of this article

  1. What can make you commit suicide?
  2.  What can make you not commit suicide?

For me

Nothing can make me commit suicide. I search around and see that there are a lot of haters and b#tches [In the voice of Cardi B– “B#tches be pressed“] who don’t want to see good things come out of me, they don’t want to see me writing, they don’t want to hear about Ogefash [But you know that ain’t possible, type OGEFASH on Google and here is what would pop up- https://ogefash.reviews/about/%5D Some even wish I was dead, but Chukwu e’kwene or Chukwu ekwela [as in God forbids it]. So if God didn’t kill me when enemies are trying hard to, so why make the work easy for the enemis? Why make them happy, why make their wish come through by killing myself; Olorun maje, Chukwu Aju [As in God forbid]. So, nothing can make me commit suicide. I won’t, regardless of the struggles, challenges, sh#ts people throw at me; they are only meant to make me stronger. And, in that strength and determination comes my victory. Remember a song by Wizkid “Oluwa loni” that says “Suffer doesn’t kill you, it only makes you stronger” Stay strong, please!

I wont commit suicide because the “One” who gives and takes life has not taken my life and has not given up on me; so why give up on myself? Why kill myself when God did not kill me and has not allowed the evil ones to succeed in their attempt to? So, please, I reiterate, there are indeed thousands of reasons to stay alive and there is just one reason you want to kill yourself. Por favor (Please), choose wisely! Stay alive! Fulfil your dreams!

I really don’t know why people who have thousands of reasons to stay alive decide to kill themselves for one reason”- Ogefash

Madu (People), biko (please) life is worth living for. You need to fight that Grave call regardless challenges- Ogefash- https://ogefash.reviews/2017/10/29/the-grave-call-suicide-not-an-option-2/

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