[Recap] Talk With Ogefash (T.W.O) EP 1 “Obsession: How to handle Obsession”

[It’s T.W.O, Talk With Ogefash Baby]


Hi Ogefash, please how do I handle someone that is extremely obsessed with me, because I don’t have feelings for that person?

Ogefash’s reply

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines obsession as “A persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling; broadly: compelling motivation. 

In layman’s language: Obsession is when you worry excessively about something and want to get it at all costs.

You can be obsessed with the opposite sex, designer bags, shoes, clothes, games, beer, gambling, money, food, sex, and so on…

So if you find yourself in this situation, that is, a situation where someone is obsessed with you, and you are trying to push the person away, don’t do the following:

1. Don’t switch off your phone

Don’t even try to do that. Because, if you switch off your phone, the person would keep calling your line non-stop till it is reachable. And in that process, your number automatically stores in his or her heart and head.

2. Don’t avoid his/her calls

This is also a bondage format as the person would keep calling your number non-stop. He or she would feel it’s because you have extreme feelings for him/her that you are avoiding his/her call. At times, such people wouldn’t even think that you are avoiding them, they would just conclude for you that you are busy or unable to pick up the call for some reason. Hence, he/she will keep calling you non-stop. For one call missed, it is like ten times in their heart. So, they would call you that ten times. So if you calculate three missed calls, you can imagine what that would be in their heart.

3. Don’t cut calls

It is as simple as ‘Don’t cut the calls.” This is because he or she would still keep calling. You can pick up his/her call and put your phone aside while his or her airtime waste.

4. Block number

Well, this would have been the best option if the person doesn’t have your home address or if you are not on social media. Because, if you have a social media account, he/she would search for you, and find every possible way to get to you. And of course, a sim card is affordable, so he/she would likely buy another one just to get in touch with you.

5. Don’t act too nicely/friendly

Don’t friendzone the person; don’t even try putting him or her in a friendly chat. If you do that, you are in trouble. Such a person would think you are already in a relationship with him or her. If you are nice to him/her, it would keep drawing such a person close to you. That is, he or she would keep being fond of you. In essence, don’t be nice, and don’t be hostile.

6. Don’t shout

Don’t think that by shouting at him/her, he or she would let you go; no that won’t happen. He or she is obsessed with you and doesn’t notice that, in fact, he or she would think it’s because you love him/her is the reason you are shouting.

7. Don’t play homosexual- lesbian or gay

In fact, the person would automatically say, it’s my lucky day to make him or her attracted to the opposite sex, and would keep pestering you.

Watch here…

So how do you set yourself free from such a person? It is very simple

So, after you have adhered to the aforementioned, you are on your way to being free. 

  1. So, you must ensure you act indifferently with the person.
  2. Remember that you are not to be nice or rude, moderacy is the word.
  3. Whenever he/she calls, ensure you always say things that would infuriate him/her. How, ou would ask? Study him/her, there must be something that infuriates the person. Don’t shout it, just chip it in in your conversation with him or her. You would see that the call rate would drop and he/she would eventually stop calling you.

If after doing all these and the person doesn’t stop pestering your phone and you, but, still keeps calling, just keep picking up the person’s call like I mentioned earlier. But don’t talk to him/her; just be mum, dump the phone somewhere. Just help him exhaust his airtime.

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