+Five [5] reasons you should monetize your websites with Adsterra Adverts…

Adsterra is not just one of the best advertisements, but the Best alone. It is thrice as tall as other Advert Networks, it is thrice higher than other Advert Networks.

Adsterra advert was my first when I decided to use advert codes to monetize my websites. I initially removed their codes [reasons best known to me], but, I am glad I put them back. May I not see anything that would make me remove Adsterra adverts codes from my blog, in Jesus’ name, amen.

+Five [5] reasons you should monetize your websites and other platforms using Adsterra Adverts Codes

  1. Adsterra has various web and mobile advert formats such as Popunder, Native Banners, Banners, Social Bar, Direct Link, and VAST video that are beneficial, and allows publishers to make money and advertisers to connect with their audience. As a publisher, Adsterra makes it possible for you to earn from either one advert format or multiple advert formats. As an advertiser, Adsterra makes it possible for your adverts to be clicked either via one format or multiple ad formats. Me, I like the “Social Bar” in particular. 
  2. Adsterra has got the best Customer Care./Support team. They are too brilliant, skilled, swift, effective, and caring, and are available anytime. They are always willing to help out. They would go the extra mile to attend to your complaints and resolve them. They would go the extra mile to please you. They are patient and loyal even to impatient and disloyal publishers and advertisers. They give publishers and advertisers quintessential support. It is more like a person-person communication whereas they have other customers they are also attending to. I love their ticketing system, they track, respond and resolve issues almost immediately. You are also entitled to a personal account manager. They can also recommend a suitable advert format for your site. Their customer care/support team is superb. Honestly, if there is a daily award for the customer care/support team no other Advert Network deserves it better than Adsterra Advert Network. 
  3. Their dashboard/control panel is terrific. I love the layout. It is user-friendly, that is, it is detailed, easy to understand, and easy to use even for the layman.
  4. Adsterra Sign-up is easy like ABC. No particular traffic volume is required for your website. They approve new sites and help you grow with them. No unnecessary drama or encyclopedia interrogation and requirements. Just go to the Adsterra website, and provide a valid email address, full name, login [username that you will use to sign in], password [ use at least 6 characters, and make sure to include letters, numbers, and special symbols], messenger and messenger account [skype, ICQ, Jabber, Telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, Instagram, Twitter], payment method you would like to receive your money [Paypal, Webmoney, Paxum, Bitcoin, Tether ERC20 (Ethereum), Tether TRC20 (TRON), Bank Transfer], confirm email [ Open your inbox and find the ‘Complete your registration as a Publisher’ email from Adsterra Team.]. Now you can sign into your just-created account using your username/login and password. Once you sign in, add your sites and choose advert formats. The codes are also easy to place on your sites. Just copy and paste the codes on your sites.
  5. Adsterra gives a large percentage of the profit to publishers. Oftentimes, I wonder how Adsterra is making money going by the excellent service they render and the number of staff on the ground delivering these excellent and timely services. Adsterra pays your earning through multiple payment methods such as [Paypal, Webmoney, Paxum, Bitcoin, Tether ERC20 (Ethereum), Tether TRC20 (TRON), and Bank Transfer]
  6. Adsterra has too many bonuses or giveaways [money] during Christmas or any special celebration/festive season/holidays, no advert company does this, not even Adsense. 

In summary, if you are not using Adsterra, you are missing the opportunity of earning good $Dollars and getting your complaints resolved by their excellent support team. Over time, I have come to realize that using Adsterra comes with a lot of understanding, patience [leaving the codes on my sites], and prayer to always have a high CPM because therein lies my earning. Adsterra is the reason I can pay my expensive blog bills. Honestly, I always pray that my traffic should increase, because, I know I would earn more with Adsterra.

I love Adsterra and its support team, thank you for being in existence. Adsterra is a good Advert Network, you can’t tell me otherwise. I won’t even believe it!!

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