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“Dark October,” is a 2023 Nigerian thriller movie from “Linda Ikeji” production house. It was produced by Linda Ikeji, and distributed by Filmone Production. The major actors in the movie are Chuks Joseph, Munachi Okpara, Kelechukwu Oriaku, Kem Ajieh Ikechukwu, and Chibie Johnny.

The storyline for “Dark October” is based on the true events of “Aluu Four.” It is the story of four undergraduates accused of stealing in Aluu, a place in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, and lynched afterward. The lynching happened on Friday, October 5, 2012.

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What is the movie “Dark October” about? Dark October Synopsis

The story “Dark October” was about five handsome intelligent boys and best of friends, Tizzy, Big L, Tamunor, Chiboy, and Chibuzor [Acted by Chuks Joseph, Munachi Okpara, Kelechukwu Oriaku, Kem Ajieh Ikechukwu, and Chibie Johnny respectively] who were undergraduates.

The five boys had big dreams. Some of them love to sing and desire to take over their campus, Port Harcourt, Nigeria, and the world musically. They wanted to be famous musicians and perform on big stages, especially Tizzy and Big L. 

Tizzy who seemed like the richest among his friends returned from London with sneakers and some other items. He sold some of the items he bought from London to one of his classmates, Wisodm [Acted by Boman Bognet] who refused to pay despite rocking the items he bought on credit.

This infuriated Tizzy, and more so, Wisdom started dodging Tizzy. So, Tizzy, alongside his friends picked a particular day and decided to go to Wisdom’s house very early in the morning to collect Tizzy’s money. 

One of Tizzy’s friends, Chibuzor couldn’t go with them because he had to report at his place of IT. Chiboy offered to join them just to enjoy the experience. Big L on the other hand invited one of their schoolmates, Gabriel [Acted by Obiajulu Ogboneme] as he felt they needed someone tougher to help handle wisdom.

On getting to Aku Community, Tizzy, Big L, Tamuno, Chiboy, and Gabriel found Wisdom. They demanded for Tizzy’s money, but, Wisdom sensing they were going to overpower him, raised a false alarm and alleged that Tizzy and his friends were thieves, he then ran away. Gabriel also absconded.

But, Tizzy, Big L, Tamuno, and Chiboy were captured by mobs and mistaken as robbers. They were then paraded as the thieves terrorizing Aku Community. They were afterward lynched. Their lynching led to a protest by the students of the school who went into the community to destroy properties as well as harm anyone they stumbled on.

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“Dark October” Cast and crew

“Dark October” Cast

Chuks Joseph acted as Tizzy, Munachi Okpara acted as Big L, Kelechukwu Oriaku acted as Tamunor, Kem Ajieh Ikechukwu acted as Chiboy, Chibie Johnny acted as Chibuzor, Boman Bognet acted as Wisdom, Oge Gabriel acted as Rachel, Anichi Chinedu acted as Vigilante Commander, Prince David acted as Aboli, Chika Okpala acted as Village Chief, Obiajulu Ogboneme acted as Gabriel, Uju Anukwe acted as Tamuno’s sister, Awa Samuel Oluchukwu acted as Big L’s Mum, Ezema Virgicus acted as Big L’s Dad, Obiajulu Igboneme acted as Charles, Ikenne Eze acted as Preye, Ogbonna Francis acted as Daniel, Uchenna Agbo acted as Leonard’s uncle, Vick Olisa acted as DJ CK, Kenechukwu Eze acted as Tall Girl, Chinelo Ememchukwu acted as Bola’s Friend, Favor Ben acted as Lilian, Ogbu Okwudili acted as Inspector, Chioma Ezeji acted as Plantain seller, Lorenzo Menakaya acted as Student leader, Eze Benedict acted as Capon, Uchez John acted as Ben, Vanessa Okoli acted as Lola Diri, Kosisochukwu Onyeachonam acted as Tina, Gabriel Nwafor acted as Joshua Barber.

“Dark October” Crew

Story : Linda Ikeji

Story [Research]: Odega Shawa, Valentine Obilor, Benedictar Onu

Dialogue writer/Screenplay: Odega Shawa

Script supervisor


Assistant Editors: 

Music producer: 

Line Producer: 

Producer: Linda Ikeji

Executive producers: Lola Udu, Linda Ikeji

Associate- producer


Co- executive producer: 

Director: Toka McBaror

Assistant Director: 

Production House: Linda Ikeji Studios

Language: English

Subtitle: Anu Akiyode

Year: 2023

Country: Nigeria

Duration: 1 hour 42 minutes

Genre: Thriller

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