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“Legacy of Lies,” is a 2020 American action-thriller movie from “Legacy Films” production house. It was produced by Alla Belaya, Krzysztof Solek, and Adrian Bol, and distributed by Toy Cinema Film and TV House GEM Entertainment. The major actors in the movie are Scott Adkins, Anna Butkevych, Yuliia Sobol, Honor Kneafsey, Martin Mcdougall, and Leon Sua.

What is the movie “Legacy of Lies” about? Legacy of Lies Synopsis

The story was about a former ex-CIA agent, Martin Baxter [Acted by Adkins Scott] who was tasked to recover secret files of the Russian Government’s shady operations that could help expose them.

To ensure Martin recovered those files, Russian spy Tatyana [Acted by Anna Butkevich], held his only daughter, Lisa Baxter [Acted by Honor Kneafsey] who he had with his late lover, Olga (Acted by Tetiana Nosenko) hostage.

Martin instantly linked up with Sasha Stepanenko [Acted by Yuliia Sobol], the daughter of an old friend, who was also in need of those files to expose those that killed her father and to reveal the truth about Russian secret operations.

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Notable Quotes

“The extermination program was focusing on opposition activists and journalists.”

“The concept of objective truth is being threatened everywhere.” “Stay unified for free speech. If not lies would be our history. “

“Legacy of Lies” Cast and crew

“Legacy of Lies” Cast

Scott Adkins acted as Martin Baxter, Anna Butkevych acted as Tatyana, Yuliia Sobol acted as Sasha Stepanenko, Honor Kneafsey acted as Lisa Baxter, Martin Mcdougall acted as Trevor, Leon Sua acted as Evans, Andrea Vasiliou acted as Suzanne, Victor Sole acted as Maxim, Marco Robinson acted as Burns, Stancu Florin acted as Richie Thai, Sergiy Kalantay acted as Zelenko, Anna Siettarova acted as Red Star, Tetiana Nosenko acted as Olga, Hanna Harnyk acted as Bank Manager, Sami Karim acted as Head Bouncer, Tom Ashley acted as IT Tech, Jeffrey Welch acted as US President, Paul Burns acted as TV Presenter, Matt Mitler acted as Mark Ramley, Vivica Williams acted as Announcer US, Oleg Karpenko acted as Avis Security Officer, Denys Martsynkovskyi acted as Bartender in Maxim’s Casino, Anatolii Antoniuk acted as Russian FSB General, Anastasia Shulha acted as Avis Clerk 1, Maria Stopnyk acted as Avis Clerk 2, Yevhen Demianov acted as Bank Employee, Andrey Say acted as Egor Stepanenko.

“Legacy of Lies” Crew


Dialogue writer/Screenplay: Adrian Bol

Script supervisor

Editor: Yuri Reznichenko

Assistant Editors: 

Music producer: Arkadiusz Reikowski

Line Producer: 

Producer: Alla Belaya, Krzysztof Solek, Adrian Bol

Executive producers: Scott Adkins, Grant Bradley, Andy Thompson, Tom George, Lariss Gutarevich, Tannaz Anisi, Gregory R Schenz

Associate- producer: Ross Marian

Co-producer: Anna Butkevych, Mark Foligno, Sefi Carmel, Dmytro Sukhanov

Co- executive producer: 

Director: Adrian Bol

Assistant Director: 

Production House

Language: English

Year: 2020

Country: America

Duration: 1 hour 42 minutes

Genre: Action, Thriller

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