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(+Full Cast + Crew) Movie Synopsis (Plot Summary)- Brotherhood: Starring- Tobi Bakre, Falz, Basket Mouth

“Brotherhood,” is a 2022 Nigerian drama from “Greoh Studios” production house. It was produced by Jadesola Osiberu and distributed by Geneis Pictures. The major actors in the movie are Tobi Bakre, Falz, Toni Tones, Basket Mouth, OC Ukeje, Mr. Macaroni Debo, Sam Dede, Zubby Michael, and Ronke Oshodi.

What is the movie “Brotherhood” about? Brotherhood Synopsis

The story was about two blood brothers who are twins as well, Akin and Wale Adetula [Acted by Tobi Bakre and Falz Folarin Falana (Taiwo Adeyanju acted as Young Akin Adetula, Kehinde Adeyanju acted as Young Wale Adetula)]. 

Akin and Wale lost their parents, Wunmi and Demola Adetula [Acted by Mercy Aigbe and Deyemi Okanlawon] in their early teens. They witnessed their death when they were shot by robbers on their way home.

After the death of their parents, their aunt, Aunty Morenike [Acted by Ronke Oshodi] took them in and started taking care of them. Aunty Morenike was a small trader who wasn’t well-to-do. She and the twins lived in the slum.

The twins grew up on the street. The twins alongside their aunty were faced with financial challenges which made one of the twins, Akin start living a life of crime at a tender age. 

Akin’s criminal activity first started when he went to the pharmacy to steal malaria drugs for his other twin- Wale so he wouldn’t die. He was however caught. Akin grew up with a lot of criminal records making him always frequent prison. 

While Akin became a hardened criminal, Wale became a hard-boiled police officer. As you know, criminals always have one enemy, and that’s the police. So, Akin and Wale never lived together. Wale also hid his twin, never mentioning he has a twin to anyone because Akin was always on the wrong side of the law and people may think he was supporting him. Also, mentioning his ex-convict twin, Akin may cost him his dream job as a police officer.

One day, Akin joined a deadly criminal group, “Ojuju Boys” led by Shadow [Acted by Basket Mouth- Bright Okpocha]. The Ojuju boys squad includes Goldie, Izra, Adura, Poison, Kehinde, and, Daju [Acted by Toni Tones, OC Ukeze, Debo “Mr.Macaroni Adebayo”, Zubby Michael, Seyi Awolowo, Ajayi “Korexx” Akorede]. Meanwhile, Kehinde was apprehended by the D.P.O of his area [Acted by Toyin Oshinaike]

Joining the “Ojuju Boys” deadly group made salvation difficult for Akin. He fell in love with one of them, Goldie, and became like the next in command after Shadow.

During one of their big robberies, Akin had shot his father-in-law, Officer Daniel [Acted by Sam Dede]. Wale was married to Officer Daniel’s daughter, Kamsi [Acted by Dorathy Bachor].

The video of the robbery that cost Officer Daniel his life trended and was rewatched by his team Officer Monsurat, Efe, Simon, and Wale [Acted by Omawumi Megbele, Diane Russet, Jidekene “Swanky” Achufusi, Falz respectively.]

Wale sensing it is his notorious twin brother, Akin is willing to make sure he faces the full wrath of the law

Will Wale surrender his brother Akin?

What do you think happened next?

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“Brotherhood” Plot: Brotherhood Plot Summary

Mr. Demola Adetula and Mrs. Wunmi Adetula {Acted by Deyemi Okanlawon and Mercy Aigbe} while on the highway are attacked by robbers who kill them after robbing them. Their young twin boys, Akin and Wale Adetula [Acted by Taiwo and Kehinde Adeyanju] come off the vehicle and watch their parent’s corpse in despair.

Years after, one of the twin boys now grown, Akin Adetula [Acted by Tobi Bakare] has become a criminal, always in and out of prison. He is set free from prison, alongside his prisoner friend, Adura [Acted by Debo Adebayo/Mr. Macaroni] and other prisoners. Akin is picked by his aunty, Morenike [Acted by Ronke Oshodi], and taken home. While in the vehicle, Aunty Ronke chats with Akin about his twin, Wale [Acted by Falz Folarin and Falana] neighbors, and the neighborhood.

Wale Adetula [Acted by Folarin Falana/Falz] the other twin of the criminal Akin resumes his new office after being promoted. He is welcomed by Officer Daniel [Acted by Sam Dede]. He joins the other squad as they head out.

Akin has gotten back to the neighborhood, and he is welcomed by his close neighbor/partner in crime, Daju [Acted by Ajayi “Korexx” Akorede]. They both hop into Daju’s motorbike and zoom off. Aunty Morenike tries to warn him to be careful of the police, but they already zoomed off.

Officer Daniel and his squad intercepts a drug baron who also captured some children. They gun down his team, and as one of them tries to kill Officer Daniel, Wale is quick to fire him first saving him and becoming the hero of the operation. He is complemented by Officer Daniel and Efe [Acted by Diane Russet ] while his other colleague, Simon [Acted by Jidekene “Swanky” Achufusi] thinks it is beginner’s luck.

Akin is back from the ride with Daju. As he is about to enter the house with Aunty Morenike, a female neighbor welcomes him back, and makes mention of a criminal squad the “Ojuju” boys terrorizing the neighborhood.

While indoors, Akin asks Aunty Morenike about the Ojuju Boys, and she tells him that they are criminals visiting different neighborhoods and terrorizing them. They sent a letter that their neighborhood is next which frightened them. She shows Akin the letter. She tries to persuade Akin to follow her to his twin brother’s house, Wale till the Ojuju boys finish their raid, but Akin shows apathy.

A knock comes on the door, Akin goes for it. It is Wale, his twin brother. Akin calls him “the police” while Wale calls him “the criminal.” There seems to be no closeness between the twins. Aunty Morenike packs some of her clothes and goes with Wale. She tips Akin some amount to help keep him while she is away.

The Ojuju boys true to the words in their letter attack the neighborhood. They enter Aunty Morenike’s apartment. Akin tries to pick up his stick to hit any of them, but a gun is pointed at him. They are unable to attack Akin as one of the Ojuju boys, Izra [Acted by OC Ukeze] recognizes Akin as one of his friends. This makes them spare him. Izra and Akin reconnect, with Akin collecting Izra’s number.

During the SWAT [Special weapons and tactics, Lagos state] meeting, Officer Monsurat [Acted by Omawumi Megbele] and the team discuss theft matters in the neighborhood, high profile carjackings, how they are being dismantled and sold on the black market, and the disappearance of the commissioner’s Bentley. Wale also hints to the SWAT team about the activities of the Ojuju boys but Officer Monsurat replies that it is the work of the local police. She says, as an elite squad, they do not handle matters concerning area boys. They disperse with Officer Daniel asking Officer Monsurat to give him an update on the carjacking, and Simon reminding Ekeng [Acted by Moc Madu] about the birthday party of Officer Daniel at his house.

Meanwhile, Wale tells Efe [Acted by Diane Russet] about the letter the Ojuju boys dropped as a warning ahead threatening to attack his aunty’s neighborhood and how his aunty had to come to stay over at his place for a while. Efe promises to link Wale up with the D.P.O [Acted by Toyin Oshinaike] of the area.

Akin hooks up with Izra at a Bar, and he introduces him to some members of the squad, Kehinde, Poison, Emma, Townsman, Osho [Acted by Seyi Awolowo, Zubby Michael, Evans Osazuwa Odiagbe, Seyi Onikoyi, and Jonathan Ogungbe respectively]. Izra introduces Akin as Kalashnikov but Poinson mocks his name.

Wale pulls Izra aside and they go discuss outside. He says he wants to help upgrade the squad. He suggests that they rob the bullion van and tells him it carries between 20 to 100 million. Izra tells him he is going to link him up with their CEO, Shadow [Bright Okpocha/Basket Mouth], so they can discuss better on the matter. Just then, the first lady of the squad, Goldie [Acted by Tony tones] steps out and Izra introduces her to Akin.

At Officer Daniel’s birthday party, all his team members are present. They say a lot of sweet things about him and also say they would miss him when he retires soon. Akin joins them late and immediately takes a liking to Officer Daniel’s daughter, Kamsi [Acted by Dorathy Bachor]. As Wale goes to get a drink for himself, he finds Kamsi washing plates in the kitchen and offers to help. They get to know each other and the closeness begins.

Wale goes to see the D.P.O [Acted by Toyin Oshinaike] of the area as regards the Ojuju boys and pleads with him to let him know whenever any news about them surfaces. 

Meanwhile, the Ojuju boys’ leader, Shadow is reprimanding Poison and Kehinde for going for an operation he did not approve of. He tells them that the next time they try it, they would have him to contend with. He then sends them out of his office.

Just then, Izra enters with Akin and introduces him to Shadow. Izra already told Shadow about Akin and his plan to upgrade the team. He tells him about the bullion van operation but Shadow is skeptical about that kind of an operation because of the heavy presence of the police. But, Akin assures him that they can pull through. He tells Shadow about his friend, Adura [Acted by Debo Mr. Macaroni] who has been driving a bullion van for years and knows how they operate. He also tells him about another friend who knows everywhere in Lagos and an ex-military expert who has weapons they can use for the operation. He also tells Shadow that he already mapped out their first target.

Three months later, the Ojuju boys rob a bullion van. They can take off with all the money. The SWAT team investigate the crime scene.

Meanwhile, the D.P.O of the area has arrested one of the Ojuju boys, Kehinde during a fight with some people at the bar. He was identified as one of the Ojuju boys. D.P.O. called Wale to inform him about the arrest. Wale goes to meet him with the hope of getting information about the Ojuju boys from him, but Kehinde wouldn’t tell him.

Akin seems pissed off with Shadow and Izra and he is outside all alone. Goldie joins him and tries to pacify him. She tells him how Shadow rescued her from rape and other Ojuju boys from different issues. Akin says he doesn’t trust anybody, Goldie asks if he trusts her, and they both share a kiss afterward.

Officer Daniel is listening to the news broadcast on Ariste TV by Presenter [Acted by Adefemi Akinsanya] about the Ojuju boys’ operation and how no one has been caught, and no suspects or arrests from the crime. The anchors feel the police may be an accomplice. Just then, Wale shows up at his premises. He informs Officer Daniel of his intention to marry his daughter Kamsi. Officer Daniel blesses them. 

Wale goes to Aunty Morenike’s house to drop off his wedding invitation. He tells Aunty Morenike not to invite Akin because of his lifestyle so he doesn’t disorganize his wedding. The aunty reminds him of how Akin saved him from dying of malaria when he went to steal malaria drugs. But Akin also lets her know that after the malaria drug theft, he has been stealing, and he has been in and out of prison for over ten years. Aunty Monsurat feels they did not do much to make him a better person, but, Wale doesn’t agree with this. He drops the IV and again sternly warns that the IV is for only her.

On his way out of the house, Wale stumbles on Akin. Wale questions him about his sudden wealth and the purchase of his property, and he says it was gotten from the work of the mechanic he does. Wale doesn’t really believe him. He advises him not to pull everyone down when he has decided to go down. As soon as Akin steps inside the house, Aunty Morenike gives Akin Wale’s IV.

At Wale’s wedding, the Ojuju boys show up and spray lavishly on the couple which makes people cast a suspicious eye on them, especially the SWAT. 

Officer Daniel sanctions Wale for not including in his file that his brother is an ex-convict. Wale apologizes and tells him that mentioning his brother would jeopardize his career. Wale suggests that Officer Daniel reports him to the authorities, but, he ignores him and sends him out of his office. As he steps out of his office, his team mocks him. But Efe tells him to ignore them. Just then, the D.P.O. calls him telling him that “Ojuju boy” Kehinde has some information for him.

At the cell, Kehinde reveals to Wale that it is the Ojuju boys that were spaying money lavishly during his wedding. He said he watched his wedding video.

At the Ojuju boys gathering, Shadow is displeased about the showoff at Akin’s brother’s wedding. He warns them not to spoil his plan to leave the country, or else, he would deal with them. Meanwhile, Akin and Izra argue about his 2-robberies back to back plan which doesn’t sit too well with Akin. They are to do 2 robberies in a day. Shadow takes a vote and most of the team supported the plan. Akin walks out in anger. Goldie follows him and tries to calm him. She persuades him to plan it out so the robbery can work. She reminds him that they have exhausted all their money at his twin brother’s wedding. And the robbery may be their last deal so they can relocate and start a new life.

Wale goes to the mechanic shop where Shadow and the other Ojuju boys hide. He finds some other Ojuju boys but doesn’t see Akin. Izra sights him and he goes to meet him. Wale then lets him know that he knows they are working for Shadow, and also lies that it was Akin that told him. This makes Izra uncomfortable and he asks Wale to leave.

Goldie while with Izra at the bar asks him how he intends to carry out two robberies in a day successfully, but Iza is not too sure of the plan. Goldie tells him to allow Akin to plan it out since that is his strength. Goldie brings in Akin. Akin tells Izra he already has a plan, but they must follow his plan.

Wale is contemplating telling Officer Daniel what he knows about the Ojuju boys which includes giving his brother in but then rescinds his decision. Just then, Officer Daniel steps out of his office to go to the hospital.

The Ojuju boys rob a bank, and Daju is shot in the hand. Meanwhile, Officer Daniel reverses to the bank robbery location, but he is accidentally killed by Akin.

The Ojuju Boys return to their warehouse. Izra and Akin get involved in a fight. Akin calls Izra a greedy person and the one that made them shoot Daju. He also said Izra’s greed made him shoot his father-in-law, Officer Daniel. Shadow is not remorseful as he tells him that it is normal for people to die due to the nature of their job. He tells them that they should go for the next robbery. Akin is angry and refuses to go with them. He demands his cut for the first job which Shadow refuses to give him saying until he concludes the second robbery. Akin points a gun at Shadow again demanding his money, and the other team points their guns at Akin. Goldie pacifies all of them and they drop their weapons. 

Kamsi and the SWAT team are all at the hospital to check on Officer Daniel, but Officer Daniel didn’t make it. A video goes viral about the Ojuju boys’ robbery. Wale sees the video and in anger storms out with the plan of calling them out starting with his brother.

Wale goes to their warehouse but finds nobody there. He afterward goes to Aunty Morenike’s house to search for Akin but doesn’t find him there. In anger, he tells the aunty that Akin is part of the robbery that left his father-in-law dead. But, Aunty Morenike tells him not to conclude in such a way since they were all wearing masks.

While Akin pulls out from the other team in anger, Adura looks for him and finds him. Akin is not happy that Adura didn’t stand by him, but Adura makes him understand that they are more than them and both of them can’t overcome all of them, so he just had to pretend to be in support of them.

Akin joins the other team back and they restrategize for the last operation. Meanwhile, Akin reports himself to internal affairs. The SWAT is alerted about the “Ojuju” boys operation on the 3rd Mainland Bridge. There is a shootout that leaves the Ojuju boys dead including Goldie. Izra fires Shadow himself after he asked him to reload the gun. Adura escapes while Akin is shot and he falls into the water. Izra escapes in the boat leaving behind the other team.

Aunty Moenike is in further despair as she listens to the news about Shadow, Akin, and other Ojuju boys on Arise TV. Her neighbors try to console her, but, she is inconsolable.

Izra meets the man at the house that they were all supposed to stop by if they all made it alive. He welcomes him

Wale and his team search for Akin in the water but didn’t find him, just then, the men from internal affairs demand to see him. 

Izra still thinking is the only survivor is surprised when he sees Akin. Akin kills him. 

Wale has been suspended. While with his wife, Kamsi, and son, hope they lift his suspension since the case has been closed. Just then, Akin calls him on the phone hiding his number. Wale immediately identifies his twin brother’s voice, a sign that he is alive afterward. Then he ends the call. 

Adura and Akin are the only survivors of the Ojuju boys. They are both together in the vehicle and laugh as they zoom off. They are on the run while the police are actively pursuing all leads and working with Interpol to ensure they are brought to the book.

“Brotherhood” Cast and crew

“Brotherhood” Cast

Tobi Bakare acted as Akin Adetula, Folarin Falz Falana acted as Wale Adetula, OC Ukeze acted as Izra, Toni Tones acted as Goldie, Debo “Mr.Macaroni Adebayo” acted as Adura, Zubby Michael acted as Poison, Bright “Basket Mouth” Okpocha acted as Shadow, Omawumi Megbele acted as Officer Monsurat, Sam Dede acted as Officer Daniel, Ronke Oshodi acted as Aunty Morenike, Boma Martins Akpore acted as Sanusi, Diane Russet acted as Efe, Jidekene “Swanky”Achufusi acted as Simon, Seyi Awolowo acted as Kehinde, Dorathy Bachor acted as Kamsi, Mercy Aigbe acted as Wunmi Adetula, Deyemi Okanlawon acted as Demola Adetula, Ajayi “Korexx” Akorede acted as Daju, Sunny E.A Pius acted as Camo, Ejiro Onajaife acted as Mama Pinky, Moc Madu acted as Ekeng, Imoikon Joseph acted as Baba, Taiwo Adeyanju acted as Young Akin Adetula, Kehinde Adeyanju acted as Young Wale Adetula, Toyin Osinaike acted as D.P.O, Evans Osazuwa Odiagbe acted as Emma Area, Seyi Onikoyi acted as Townsman, Jonathan Ogungbe acted as Osho, Ejiro Movoria acted as Bank Security James Bond, Adefemi Akinsanya acted as Presenter, Familola Taiwo acted as Mr. Chris, Ngozi Iheagwu acted as Mr. Chris’s wife, Emmanuel Izuoba acted as Local Barman, Anthony acted as Robber 1, Biola Hamzat acted as Robber 2, Paul Dorcas acted as Robber 3, Emmanuel Oghenekome acted as Food truck driver, Chike Chife acted as Prisoner 1, Timilehin Ojeola acted as Presente 2, Kingsley Nwajei acted as Warden 1, Kamiru Rafiu acted as Warden 2, Babatunde Sake acted as Black Maria Prisoner, Godwin Edem acted as Watch Tower Guard.

“Brotherhood” Crew


Screenplay: Jade Osiberu, Abdul Tijani Ahmed

Script supervisor

Editor: Martini Olakunle Akande

Assistant Editors: Ude Norbert Abuchi, Memechi Amakpor, Biyi Toluwalase

Line Producer: Maryann Ezieekwe

Producer: Jade Osiberu

Executive producer: Jade Osiberu

Associate- producer: Banke Bakare

Co- producer: Adim Isiakpona

Co- executive producer: Kevin Orogun, Ojuawo Kehinde, Jaiyesinmi Folasegun, Dara Egerton Shyngle, Adebola Williams, Ope Ajayi, Femi Adeyemi, Adekunle Adebiyi, Greoh Studios, Jotani Investments, Uechip Technologies LTD [Soyombo], Oreroladelecom, Capital films production

Director: Loukman Ali

Assistant Director: Blue Adekunle, Emmanuel Izuoba

Production House: Greoh Studios

Language: English, Yoruba, Igbo, Pidgin

Year: 2022

Country: Nigeria

Genre: Drama, Action

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