Too weak to blog, election results in Nigeria w

Phew!!! What a country we live in Nigeria. Day in and day out, I look at all the songs on my desk that I want to listen to, translate and provide meanings to, but I am unable to. I am just suddenly weak. 

Too weak to blog. The obvious disenfranchisement, intimidation, and finally the over “rigged/manipulated” election results just over weakened my bones and made me moody. I hope to receive strength before the weekend to at least upload some translated songs.

In case you are not a Nigerian, an election was held on Saturday, 25th March 2023 in the country. Citizens voted massively because they yearned for a change of government. They were tired of the enormous hardship they suffered under the current President Buhari’s tenure. 

I am tired of the hardship too. If you are close to me, you would know that I am going through a lot. Ah, the hardship is much.

However, the people’s candidate from Labour Party, “Peter Obi’s” results were tampered with. His votes were suppressed to favor the results of the ruling party “APC.” 

In fact, from the videos and pictures shared online, APC results were over-rigged.

We need a New Nigeria. A New Nigeria is POssible!!!

Here's my view

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