(+Full Cast + Crew) Movie Synopsis/Plot Summary- Secrets In The Building: Starring- Shemeka Wright, Kia Dorsey, Katelin Chesna, Justin Berti, Tori Griffith

“Secrets In The Building,” is a 2022 American Thriller from Shadowbox Films production house. The major actors in the movie are Justin Bert, Shemeka Wight, Tori Griffith Frontera, Kia Dorsey, and Katelin Chesna.

What is the movie “Secrets In The Building” about? Secrets In The Building Synopsis

The story was about Michelle Green (Acted by Shemeka Wight) and her daughter Norah Green (Acted by Kia Dorsey.)

After the death of Michelle’s husband, she and her daughter, Norah moved out of their apartment to a new apartment.

At their new apartment, they instantly made friends with another mother-daughter duo, Helene Mathieson and Channing Mathieson (Acted by Katelin Chesna and Tori Griffith) who appeared so welcoming.

As Michelle and Helene got along, Helene told her about her ex-husband who was a cheater and liar, but never gave personal information about her ex-husband.

The friendship between the two families was however shortlived after it was discovered that Channing was a drug pusher and was envious of Norah, and wanted to harm her. The two families constantly argued and this made people see them as sworn enemies.

One day, a repairman, Josh (Acted by Justin Berti) stopped by Michelle’s place to clean up and fix some broken items in the building. Michelle became attracted to Josh and they started seeing each other. Michelle was unaware that Josh was Helene’s ex-husband and had an evil agenda for her and her daughter due to their stay in the building.

What was Josh’s evil agenda?

Josh wanted to kill Michelle and her daughter with the hammer that had Helene’s fingerprints, and then pin the deaths on her, since both were at loggerheads.

This he planned to do so he could have full custody of his daughter Channing. He hated his wife for pushing him out of the family and forbidding their daughter from talking to him. He also hated her for getting him fired, and for making them lose the apartment Michelle and her daughter were now occupying.

His anger was with his wife. Michelle and her daughter, Norah just happened to move into the wrong apartment at the wrong time especially when Josh still had an interest in the apartment.

But did Josh succeed in killing Michelle and Norah?

He almost did. After Michelle and Norah ate out of the cake Josh brought over, they both started to feel dizzy and then passed out. Channing and her father tied them to a chair. When Channing discovered that her father planned on killing Michelle and Norah and then frame her mother Helene, she got upset with her dad. In their argument, Michelle and Norah untied themselves. Josh slightly hits Michelle which made her land on the floor. Josh ran after Norah and was about to hit her with the hammer when her mother rescued her.

What do you think happened next?

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“Secrets In The Building,” Cast

Shemeka Wright acted as Michelle Green, Kia Dorsey acted as Norah Green, Justin Berti acted as Josh, Katelin Chesna acted as Helene Mathieson, Tori Griffith acted as Channing Mathieson, Allison Ye acted as Amanda, Noah Fearnley acted as Aiden, Alexander Harris acted as Principal, Rob LaColla Jr. acted as Officer Evans, Zaya Kolia acted as Griffin, John J Jordan acted as Lawrence, Ria Ridley acted as Coach Bradley.

“Secrets In The Building,” Crew


Screenplay: Maninder Chana, Barbara Arsenault

Script supervisor

Editor: Nick Johnson, Jonathann Launer, Wes Sneeringer

Producer: Robert Ballo, Robin Conly, Nicole Layson

Executive producer

Director: Dough Campbell

Production House: Lifetime 

Year: 2022

Country: America

Genre: Thriller

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