(+Full Cast + Crew) Movie Synopsis/Plot Summary-Ale Kan Pere: Starring- Yemi Sholade, Olaide Almaroof, Eniola Ajao, Joseph Momodu

“Ale Kan Pere,” is a 2022 Nigerian Yoruba drama from “Prodigy and Pens Communications” production house. The major actors in the movie are Yemi Sholade, Joseph Momodu, Olaide Almaroof, Eniola Ajao and Biola Adebayo

“Ale Kan Pere” is a Yoruba word in Nigeria that means “Just One Night.” 

What is the movie “Ale Kan Pere” about? Ale Kan Pere Synopsis

The story was about a lovey-dovey couple, Keshi and Becca Ilesanmi (Acted by Olaide Almaroof and Eniola Ajao).

Now this couple was neither poor nor rich but lived a life of contentment until a billionaire, Fola Agoro (Acted by Yemi Sholade) swayed their way.

Fola Agoro was a famous billionaire known to gamble away his wealth for the sake of reducing the huge sum of money he has in his account. He was a rich lonely man, he had no wife or children. 

One day, Becca and Keshi Ilesanmi stumbled on the billionaire. He admired the love they shared and decided to gamble away 200 million naira on the couple just to test the cliche “Money Can’t Buy Love.”

What did Fola Agoro want from the Ilesanmis?

He wanted a nightstand with Becca Ilesanmi for a 200 Million Naira Fee.

Did the Ilesanmis accept the offer?

The offer was too juicy to turn down. The couple was restless after Fola Agoro’s offer to them. Becca then suggested to Keshi that she should do the one-night stand with Fola Agoro so they could pay off debts and acquire their dream house. Keshi was reluctant until Becca exposed his infidelity with a staff (Acted by Biola Adebayo) even after their marriage. 

Keshi reluctantly agreed with Becca, and they teamed up with their lawyer Femi (Acted by Joseph Momodu) so Fola Agoro won’t cheat them. The couple also agreed not to discuss the s€x between Becca and Fola Agoro.

So did Becca sleep with Fola Agoro?

Yes, she did.

Did Keshi keep to his promise of not asking about the s€x between them?

No! Keshi wanted to know every detail about the night Becca slept with Fola Agoro. Reluctantly and with regrets, Becca filled him in on what happened. This brought a sharp pain to Keshi as he started resenting his wife. The two demanded a divorce with none of them willing to touch the 200 Million Naira paid in by Fola Agoro.

Fola Agoro who wanted Becca to himself was glad that the one-time lovey-dovey couple was now having issues. He approached Becca and told her that he wanted to marry her. Becca turned Fola Agoro down initially, but when she caught her husband and the staff in the same bed, she accepted his proposal.

What really happened at the end of Alen Kan Pere?

During an auction where Fola Agoro, his friend, Becca, and other billionaires were present, Keshi walked in and donated the 200 Million Naira Fola Agoro had paid his wife, making him the highest bidder. This he did to show that his wife was not for sale.

In the latter part of the film, Becca and Keshi returned to each other, forgave each other, and professed their love to each other. 

What do you think happened next?

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“Ale Kan Pere” Cast

Yemi Sholade acted as Fola Agoro, Joseph Momodu acted as Lawyer Femi, Olaide Almaroof acted as Keshi Ilesanmi, Eniola Ajao acted as Becca Ilesanmi, Kunle Da Coster acted as Chief Williams, Abiodun Jimoh acted as Managing Director, Utibe Law acted as Site Engineer, Adekunle Kanmson acted as Client, Tosin Olutoli acted as Hotel Staff, Adediran Mariam acted as Office Staff, Adegbuyi Oludayo acted as Office Staff, Borokinni Kafayat acted as Lady.

Other casts

Akinyemi Toyosi, Hannah Enke, Victor Enike, Esther Enike, Dorcas Enike, Mercy Samson, Mofeoluwa Ayodeji, Alex Ayodeji, Olamide Obanla, Zoey Obanla, Toyin Akinola, Busola Benson, Peju Wahab, Michael Adeyeki, Rose Awhotu, Kunle Ajayi, Omotola Adebayo.

“Ale Kan Pere” Crew



Script supervisor: Damilare Adeoti

Editor: Tosin Olutoki

Producer: Abiodun Jimo

Executive producer: Abiodun Jimoh

Asst. Director: Abiodun Jimoh

Director: Abiodun Jimoh

Production House: Prodigy and Pens Communications

Language: Yoruba/English

Year: 2022

Country: Nigeria

Genre: Drama, Romance

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