(+Full Cast + Crew) Movie Synopsis/Plot Summary- Best Friends Forever: Starring- Daniel Etim Effiong, Sunshine Rosman

“Best Friends Forever,” is a 2022 Nigerian romantic drama from ChinneyLove Eze production house. The major actors in the movie are Daniel Etim Effiong, Sunshine Rosman, Rachel Anthony, and Bryan Emmanuel.

What is the movie “Best Friends Forever” about? Best Friends Forever Synopsis

The story was about two inseparable best friends- Laura (Acted by Sunshine Rosman) and Evi (Acted by Rachel Anthony). Evi and Laura loved each other dearly. They always told each other almost everything even though they lived far away from each other.

One day, Evi’s boyfriend, Tobe (Acted by Daniel Etim Effiong) proposed to her. In her excitement, Evi told her best friend Laura and invited her over to her place to help in the preparation for her marriage.

Laura excitedly traveled down to Evi’s place. Her visit however threatened their friendship and separated them. What could be the cause of the separation? 

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Laura on getting to Evi’s place found out that her husband-to-be was her ex-lover that left her without saying goodbye.

Would the wedding still hold? Click the link below to find out.

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“Best Friends Forever,” Cast

Daniel Etim Effiong acted as Tobem Sunshine Rosman acted as Laura, Rachel Anthony acted as Evi, Bryan Emmanuel acted as David, Grace Osaretin acted as Susan, Goodnews Osaretin acted as DJ Perez, Omale Owoicho acted as Yellow, Ayomide Dada acted as Gateman, Blessing Evans acted as Guests, Adiatu Idowu acted as Guests.

“Best Friends Forever,” Crew

Story: Chinneylove Eze

Screenplay: Blessing Ire

Script supervisor: Ayodele Sofowope

Editor: Emeka Samuel Chinedu

Producer: Chinneylove Eze

Executive producer: Chinneylove Eze

Director: Chinneylove Eze

Production House: Chinneylove Eze

Year: 2022

Country: Nigeria

Genre: Romantic Drama

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