Mavins “Alle” Song review, Lyrics breakdown and Meaning

Mavins “Alle” Song Information

Artist name: Mavins Signees
Stage name:  Mavins
Artist Featured: Rema, Ladipoe, Crayon, Magixx, Ayra Starr, Bayanni, Boy Spyce
Year of release: 2022
Video duration: 3  minutes 47 seconds
Video link: Feel free to scroll down
No of verses: 7       
No of pre-choruses:  
No of choruses: 3
No of post-choruses:
Language: Standard English, Pidgin
Video Location: Nigeria
Other details: This is a song off Mavins’ “Chapter X” 2022 Album. “Alle” in this song is a short form of Hallelujah. 

Mavins “Alle” Song Breakdown

In verse 1, Rema sings about a lady that brightens his day. He is mesmerized by the lady’s physique, especially her bum. He is glad and thankful to God that he has her in his life. He desires to introduce her to his people.

In verse 2, Ladipoe sings about his excitement of having a particular lady he met on campus in his life. He desires to take proper care of her when he starts making good money.

In verse 3, Bayanni eulogizes a particular lady’s waistline and appreciates her for all he gives to her, He vows to stick to her or stay with her forever.

In verse 4, Crayon shows readiness to satisfy his woman’s needs. He desires her s€xually. He also desires to show her how much he loves her.

In verse 5, Boy Spyce brags about the s€xually satisfaction he can give his woman. He desires to satisfy her s€xually.

In verse 6, Magixx sings about his deep feelings and commitment to his partner. He desires to have only her s€xually and otherwise.

In verse 7, Ayra Starr shows her commitment to only one man. She gives her time, attention, and everything she has to him.

Mavins “Alle” Meaning

In the song, “Alle” by Mavins, the artists sing about their romantic partners. According to them, their romantic partners brighten their day, and they are thankful to God for bringing them their way. They show the desire to keep loving each of their partners and to satisfy their needs, s€xually and otherwise.

Mavins “Alle” Lyrics



Verse 1 (Rema)

Ose (Thanks)

Omoge na you wey dey give me joy (Baby girl, you are the one that gives me joy.)

When I see your face

I dey feel say the reason wey I see you no be luck okay (I feel that our meeting is not by luck.)

Dance to the rhythm baby girl gimme dance rotate

This thing wey you carry for your back —–(What you carried behind you…)

Time don reach wey I go carry you meet my maye (It is time I carried you to meet my mum/people)

I go defend our love no matter what pepe (I will defend our love no matter what.)

I no send anything wey anybody wan say (I don’t give a damn about what people say.)

God don answer my prayer (God has answered my prayers.)

Chorus (Rema)

So I go say Alle Alle Alle Alle Alle

Alle Alle Alle Alle Alle

I go say Alle Alle Alle Alle Alle

Alle Alle Alle Alle Alle

Verse 2 (Ladipoe)

Met you on campus that Sunday

1K dey my pocket I’m thinking that someday (I had a thousand naira in my pocket, I am thinking that someday…)

You can be my baby I’m flying you private

She said now you’re speaking my language

Yeah, Odo yewu (Uh)

Man I’ve been pushing (Uh uh)

Ori mi wu (Uh) (My head is swelling/I am feeling fly.)

I need a cushion (Uh uh)

‘Cause you be star (Cause you are a star.)

And I’ve been wishing

You can take this journey

Verse 3 (Bayanni)

Girl you clean like my white Nikes (Girl, you are clean like white Nikes.)

Oya baby come, make you come chop kiss ah ah (Baby, come and take a kiss.)

Your waist na wene mighty

Odin Odin things you dey give to me ah ah (The full package/whole thing that you give to me.)

Girly if na rumor rumor rumor (Girl, if it is a rumor.)

Me I go dey rumor rumor rumor

Me I go tamo tamo tamo (I will stick to it)

Girl I go tamo like molue Orile oh (I will stick to it like Orile molue vehicle.)

Verse 4 (Crayon)

Baby tell me what you need from me ah

Cause me I give you everything ah

Ogogoro dey body ah (There is alcohol in my body.)

Shey you no go vex for me ah? (Hope you won’t be angry with me?)

No be you first talk? (Were you not the first to talk?)

Make I show you love (Let me show you love.)

Mami gimme some (My babe, give me some.)

Bami ni koro (Meet me at a corner.)

Odi odi dan (It is a must.)

Baby is a must

If I enter once na baby boy (If I enter once, it is baby boy.)

Chorus (All)

So I go say Alle Alle Alle Alle Alle

Alle Alle Alle Alle Alle

I go say Alle Alle Alle Alle Alle

Alle Alle Alle Alle Alle

Verse 5 (Boy Spyce)

We could do it in the shower

Shebi you like cassava

Sha ma semama mama kusa

Jowo ride on my pen#nsula

Girl I want to follow you

Body sweet like olotu

Give you spice and rodo too

Na only you dey close to my heart (You are the only one that is close to my heart.)

Verse 6 (Magixx)

Ever since I set my eyes on you oh ah

Na you I want oh, ah (You are the one I want.)

Na you I want oh yeah eh (You are the one I want.)

As e dey rush (As it is rushing…)

Sey me wan chop you like buns, uh huh (I want to eat you like buns.)

But baby calm down, calm down

I go fumigate if you dey feel fly (I would fulminate if you are feeling fly.)

Verse 7 (Ayra Starr)

Put you in a range when we dey Dubai

Time I spend with you make me realize

You’re perfect in my eyes

Don’t want to do this life on my own

You’re my own

Everything you own, na my own (Everything you own is m own.)

Chorus: (All)

So I go say Alle Alle Alle Alle Alle

Alle Alle Alle Alle Alle

I go say Alle Alle Alle Alle Alle

Alle Alle Alle Alle Alle

Outro (All)

You make my life so beautiful


Mavins “Alle” Mp3/Watch the video for the song “Alle” by Mavins below

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