Wizkid “More Love Less Ego (MLLE)” Album Tracklist, Review, Lyrics, Meaning, and Translation.

The first song I heard from Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun aka Wizkid’s 13-Track album “More Love Less Ego (MLLE)” was “Bad To Me.” 

I think “Bad To Me” is the lead single. After listening to the song, I said to myself “I know Wizkid released the least interesting song, o si mu eye bo lapo.”

“Mo se mu eye bo lapo,” is a Yoruba word in Nigeria that means “I am just bringing out the bird from my pocket.” What that literally means is that “I still have something better to offer or to reveal that would marvel you.”

So, I kept my fingers crossed, hoping that better songs were coming off the album. “Bad To Me,” wasn’t bad, just fair. Simply say I expected something better.

Moving on, so Wizkid decided to release the “More Love Less Ego (MLLE)” album on Friday, November 4th, 2022. But, it was postponed to Friday, November 11th, 2022 after the news about the death of Davido’s first son and child with Chioma, Ifeanyi David Adeleke went viral.

Fast-forward to Friday, November 11th, 2022, Wizkid’s More Love Less Ego (MLLE) was finally released.

Check out the “More Love Less Ego (MLLE)” Album tracklists below. Feel free to click on any of the songs to access their lyrics, translations, and meanings.

“More Love Less Ego (MLLE)” tracklists

  1. Money and Love 3:12
  2. Balance 3:02
  3. Bad To Me 3:20
  4. 2 Sugar ft Ayra Sarr 3:07
  5. Everyday 3: 21
  6. Slip N Slide ft Skillibeng and Shenseea 3:30
  7. Deep 2:35
  8. Flower Pads 3:28
  9. Wow ft Naira Marley and Skepta 3:00
  10. Pressure 3:03
  11. Plenty loving 2:52
  12. Special 3:24
  13. Frames (Who’s gonna know) 3:26

MLLE is a 13-track album as I mentioned earlier and I have been able to listen to 8 songs and also provide their lyrics, translations, and meanings.

Honestly, I don’t want to say I was disappointed, but really, I was not satisfied with the album’s content.

How can you title an album “More Love Less Ego” yet nothing in the tracklists correlates with the album title?

Everything was just about s€x. Yes, we know s€x sells, but if Wizkid had titled the album something else there won’t be a headache over the album title. So, first of all, I must say the title is “No-no” after listening to most of the songs.

Moving on, since we know s€x sells, should a well-established artist like Wizkid release an album with the entire content on s€x?

Away from the s€x lyrics, if you took out time to listen to the lyrics of each song, you would find out that the songs’ titles don’t sync with the entire lyrics. Rara. That’s one of the major problems with the album aside from the fact that Wizkid chose a cliche slow-tempo pace for all the rhythms.

Rounding off, which of the aforementioned Wizkid MLLE tracklist would you say is really a hit song?

Let’s get this straight, a-hit-song meaning in Nigeria is different from a-hit-song meaning abroad or the general hit-song meaning.

The general hit-song is usually determined by the number of streams. A-hit-song in Nigeria is determined by how it is widely played and replayed on radio stations if it is topping the music chart, if it is on the DJ’s playlists for all parties, clubs, and street events, and if it is on almost everyone’s lips.

And if you ask me, I would tell you that non of Wizkid’s tracklist is a-hit-song in Nigeria.

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