“Anikulapo” Movie Review: “The Mystical Akala Bird.”

According to the “Anikulapo” movie storyline, in the olden days, they don’t dig the ground to bury the dead. This is because they take them to the sacred forest. 

In the sacred forest, there is this large mystical bird called “Akala.” The Akala bird has the power of resurrection.

If you die untimely, the mystical Akala bird has the divine ability to resurrect you. It will resurrect you and hear your story. If you are at fault, the mystical bird will make you die again and send you to the great beyond.

So, from the above storyline, if “The Mystical Akala Bird,” has the power to give another life to the villagers especially those that died young and were killed unjustly, why were the villagers so dependent on Saro (Anikulapo- Acted by Kunle Remi) for the resurrection of their dead? Didn’t they know about the bird? Didn’t they know about Akala’s resurrection power? 

How come the king of Ojumu Village (Acted by Hakeem Kazeem) and his wife (Acted by Fathia Balogun) did not think of taking their only son in the sacred forest after his death so he could be resurrected by the mystical bird?

A lot of people died in that movie but were only resurrected by Saro. So, it seems like the mystical bird and the story behind it were only created to resurrect Saro and no one else. This leaves me to fault the screenplay, even though the movie is a nice one.

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