About the movie “Anikulapo”

“Anikulapo” is a Yoruba word in Nigeria that means to have control over death. 

The movie was about a young man, Saro Tewogbola (Acted by Kunle Remi). Saro was an aso-ofi weaver. He was also a traveler. In one of his traveling adventures, he fell in love with one of the king’s (Acted by Taiwo Hassan) wives, Arolake (Acted by Bimbo Ademoye).

Both Saro and Arolake planned to elope but were discovered. Saro was killed and thrown into the sacred forest. Arolake secretly followed them and wept in the forest wishing that Saro would wake up.

Fortunately for Arolake, her wishes were fulfilled. The mystical Akala bird resurrected Saro. But after the bird heard Saro’s story, it felt he deserved no second chance to live, and wanted to kill him back.

But, Arolake was fast enough to hit the bird with a heavy stick which made it fly away accidentally dropping an object that controls death. Arolake grabbed the object and hid it.

Arolake and Saro continued their journey from the sacred forest until they found themselves in Ojumo town. They inhabited the place.

Arolake who had discovered the object that controlled death gave it to Saro to use in the village. Saro collected it from her, and with the object was able to wake anyone that died in the village. He became famous and rich. 

Saro’s wealth and fame got into his head and he started maltreating his barren wife, Arolake forgetting that she is the real key to his success. He even went as far as marrying two other women. 

Saro’s downfall however came when he was called by the Ojumu king (Acted by Hakeem Kazeem) to wake his dead son. Saro’s greed made him ask for a ridiculous price in return for the favor. He wanted to marry the king’s daughter as his 4th wife. The king reluctantly agreed just so he could wake his only son.

Unknown to Saro, his wife, Arolake who he constantly maltreated already destroyed the object that had power over death. His inability to wake the king’s son led to his second death. 

Will Saro get another chance again? Find out here…

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