JIECHENG Decorative Protective Products… Order here!!!

Yopi! You can now make your face masking

funner. You can have it just the way you want it; printed styles, design or plain. You can have it one or more colours. You can have it in sequence. All these are possible only at Jiecheng Potective Products Co. LTD

And the good thing about their product is that they are all pocket friendly; price starts with less than a dollar!

You can now WhatsApp us at +2348087261006; we love to hear from you

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Su zhou Jiecheng Protective Products CO.,LTD

Address: Hejin industrial NO.2018 Weat of HaiZang Road, Luzhi Town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou



Tel:0086 512 66027396 ext 812/ Phone:0086 18912640686


Jiecheng produces up to 300,000 pieces daily. They have been exporting to various continents without any hassle. Their products are selling so fast. So, quickly, order in large quantities; the larger the better.

In all honesty, Jiecheng protective products are all made beautiful, as they are made in decorative cloth.

Remember, you can have your face mask in sequence, polka dot, floral pattern, geometric pattern, or animal pattern. It neither shrinks nor fades.

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