Don’t encourage child theivery by doing these…

So, oneday, I

stepped out of my house and saw a child (Boy) of about 7~10 years old trying to sell a memory card to an adult of about 35~40 years of age.


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He was even trying to sell it at a ridiculous price and the adult tried beating down the price; na wa o, some people can price things sha!

Moving on...

So, as they were negotiating, the first question that came to my mind was “where did he get the memory card he wanted to sell?”

Definitely, there is no other way he would have gotten that memory card other than him removing it from someone’s phone without letting the person know. People don’t go about dashing children memory card neither do they use memory card as birthday gifts without it being attached to something. So, that little boy obviously stole it. Hence, that adult patronising him is an accomplice; infact, he is a thief too, ole ni, onye oshi, onye ohi, barawo ne, el es un ladron

This also applies to all adults who buy other items from little children who are not hawkers or do not have genuine place of purchase; gbogbo yin ni (As in, you all are) accomplices; ole, oshi, ohi, barawo, el es un ladron…

Please adult, don’t encourage thievery among children. Kindly ask the child that wants to sell an item to you how he or she came about the item. You can go as far as telling the child that you would like to confirm whatever information given about the item from his mum, dad, sibling or anyone that knows the child very well.

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