10 flamboyant pictures of Hushpuppi just before his arrest.

Ah sorry, did

the caption capture you? Ndo (As in sorry). I meant to say that Dubai police recently arrested the stylish and swagger~personality Raymond Igbalode aka Hushpuppi and his gang~ Woodberry and Olalekan.

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They were arrested close to their hotel rooms by the police who have been trailing them for close to four (4) months.

Huspuppi, a real estate developer (According to him though) who is known for his flamboyant lifestyle was said to have defrauded lots of people. He created fake websites, hacked corporate emails, sent fake messages to clients with the sole intention of redirecting their payments to his own personal account.

Some of the items retrieved from him on the day of his arrest include 150 million dirhams, flash drives, phones and computers.

Irregardless, Hushpuppi is one person that makes a fashion statement whenever he steps out of his door. He aways don clothes that match the colour of his vehicle. He has loads of cars; luxury ones at that.

Below are the ten (10) pictures of Hushpuppi you would love and immediately wish to earn his kind of money even though you are most likely going to suffer thesame fate.

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