Philadelphia International Outreach Ministries (PIOM) timing update… Don’t miss it !!!



Dear Philadelphia family and friends, starting from this Sunday July 5th, our Zoom Online Service will start TWO (2) HOURS LATER.

So, In USA it’s now 12:00 noon E.T.
In Nigeria it’s 5:00pm
In Spain & Egypt it’s 6:00 pm.
In KSA, Kenya & Finland it’s 7:00pm.

Halleluyah! As some of us resume On-the-ground church service, we can as well partake in “Double Portion”.

Please enjoy the glorious presence of the Holy Spirit and remain safe in the shadow of the Almighty God.

And Jesus Christ Is Lord Indeed.

Don’t miss this terrific online worship, be a part of the double portion blessings

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