Meet Stella Damasus’s former husband~ Jaiye Aboderin, and their children~ Izzy Belle and Angelica Aboderin. Here is what the children are into now!!!

If you are

familiar with the actress~ Stella Damasus, and you are following her story very well, then you would know that her two beautiful daughters, Izzy Belle and Angelica Aboderin are not the children of her current husband~ Daniel Ademinokan (Daniel Ademinokan is a producer and film director), but of her first husband~ Jaiye Aboderin.

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Both Izzy Belle and Angelica were birthed by Stella Damasus and Jaiye Aboderin, who is now late. Jaiye died in the year 2004 of heart attack.

Izzy Belle Aboderin is a photographer, vocalist, music producer and film maker.

While Angelica Aboderin just graduated from school and she is still trying to fix her appointment.

WhatsApp: +2348087261006

I at times wonder if those ladies ever remember their late father~ Jaiye Aboderin at all. A close look at their social media pages, there is no post relating to their late father; just saying though…


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