Just curious! Do these two “Stella Damasus and Daniel Ademinokan” have kids together?


lovebird~ Stella Damasus and Daniel Ademinokan have been together for about a decade or more, and I am curious about just one thing in their union.

What exactly am I curious about? About the offspring their union has produced…

I am sure I am not the only one curious about their offspring; thousands to millions of their followers on various platforms are curious about this too…

Because, the only offspring the supposed couple show off are the ones they already had from the previous marriages.

Daniel Ademinokan has a son~ David Ademinokan from his previous marriage to actress~ Doris simeon; he doesn’t seem to have with his new wife Stella Damasus…

Stella Damasus has two children from her first marriage to Jaiye Aboderin, who is now late; she doesn’t seem to have with new husband Daniel Ademinokan…

Really, if they are yet to have kids (If it has nothing to do with medical problems), then, they are probably in that marriage not for true companionship and marital acts, but solely to grow their individual business; more like business partners….

In essence, all those “I love my bae, happy anniversary” seem to me like business partner anniversary message. What y’all think?

Here is what someone feels about the couple..

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