(+Biography) “Alibaba” is Ogefash celebrity focus for June

Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome aka A3 aka Ali Baba that is being talked about today on “Ogefash Photo Blog” is not

the fictional/invented character- Ali Baba in the popular tale “Ali Baba and the Forty thieves” from one of the stories in “The Thousand and One Nights.”

Our Celebrity Focus~ Ali Baba is a real personality regarded as the “King of Comedy.” Aside from being the “King of Comedy,” he is also one of the richest comedians in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large.

He unlike the fictional character-Ali Baba acquired his wealth through hardwork. He started from the bottom and did all kind of menial jobs before he got his breakthrough. Ali Baba has worked as a bus conductor, cab man; he has even loaded crates at breweries, and performed at both corporate and non corporate occasions with little or no pay.

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Meanwhile, the fictional character Ali Baba is a wood cutter. One day, Ali Baba stumbled on a group of thieves (40 exactly) while in the forest cutting wood. Ali Baba secretly watched the 40 thieves use a magical word “Sesame (Open/Close Sesame)” to open and close a cave sealed with a gigantic rock, where they stored all their stolen treasures. Ali Baba soon started using the magical word to access the cave behind the back of the 40 thieves to gain access into the cave. Once inside the cave, he steals some of the stolen treasures and afterwards starts living wealthy. The thieves in a bid to discover and kill the person that knows their magical word and has been stealing from them, end up dead instead. After their death, Ali Baba and his family take over all their wealth……….

Oops did I deviate? My bahd..
Okay, so back to the exceptional comedian~ Ali Baba

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Ali Baba the “King of Comedy” was born into the Royal Family of the Agbarha Otor on the 24th of June 1965. He was born in Ughelli North Local Government Area, Warri Delta,South South, Nigeria. His dad Mr. Agbarha was a military officer until his retirement, while his mum a teacher until her retirement.

Ali Baba thrust into limelight with the help of the promoters of a particular show in the 80’s titled “October Rush.” The show “October Rush” targeted students who were returning from holidays, knowing fully well that they would return to school with lots of cash, and could afford to attend shows. Also, the late publisher of the Guardian- Newspaper- Ibru Alex helped push him into limelight after Mr. Alex and his team recognized him as someone who did menial jobs for the family.

Before he rose to fame, he made an appearance on television shows with Patrick Doyle, Charly Boy and Danladi Bako. He also made brief appearances on radio shows with Bisi Olatilo, Sani Irabor, and Mani Onumonmu. He once worked as an Executive Assistant with of DP Lekki Limited owned by Dapo Adelegan.

Ali Baba is the only male child in his family and he is domestic man; I mean a real family man, and not a violent man. He loves his family. His devotion to his family, friends, family members and those who is so sweet. He has been married to Mary Akpobome for over two decades now and they have 5 lovely kids together.

His wife~ Mary is the Chief Operating Officer of HBCL Investment Services Limited.

Ali Baba realizing that being funny is a real business; dropped his lawyer’s wig for microphone comedy career. In essence he probably would have been among those going to the courtroom if he had studied law, but he did not. He had a change of mind and ended up studying Religious Studies and Philosophy at the Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma in Edo State, after a successful completion of his primary and secondary education at Ojo Primary School (Lagos), Command Secondary school (Lagos) and Ibru College (Delta) respectively.

He is passionate about the comedy business and desires that whoever ventures into it makes good living out of it. Hence the reason he took it upon himself to emphasize comedy being a professional career on various bill boards in crucial parts of Lagos with the message “Being funny is serious business.”

Ali Baba is not just talented in the comedy sector, he is multi talented in other sectors as well. His wit and exceptional dexterity in the comedy world extends to other industries. He is an actor who interprets roles flawlessly. Some of the movies he has featured in are My Guy (1998), The Last 3 digits (2014), Head gone (2014), The wedding party 1 and 2 (2016) (2017), Alakada (2017), Gone to America (2017)

He is also a master of many ceremonies, a television/radio host, motivational speaker, artist, writer and so on. Interestingly, one of his daughters- Valerie has already followed his path in the writing sector and joined the world of authors. Valerie recently launched a book that has insightful messages laced with humor. The title is “A Pot Pourri of Tales.”

Ali Baba is indeed altruistic and easily inspires others into achieving their goals. His accomplishments are infectious little wonder he finds every possible means to train people in the industry. He has a registered company “Alibaba Hicuppuray 3rd” which helps to hone the skills of comedians, and afterwards showcase them to the world. He has a yearly “January 1st” show tagged “Ali Baba Spontaneity”

He is a mentor and a role model to lots of established comedians, the upcoming comedians, and to those outside the comedy industry.

Ali Baba is one of the very few comedians with little or no controversies around him. The only little controversy is that how come a well known public figure like him has no controversy like a host of others. #Winks

Ali Baba is not just a “Royal” personality for mouth sake; his achievements speaks volumes of his “Royalty.” He has numerous awards to his credit. In 2012, he rang the year end closing bell of the Nigerian Sock Exchange. He was recognized and inducted into Johnnie Walker “Striding men” for the great stride he has taken in his career, and for encouraging others. He is a special Marshal to the Federal Road Safety Corps, he has once spoken on CNN African voices about his intention to make comedy a professional career and comedians well accepted. He is a receiver of the Paul Harris Fellowship by Rotary International for his contribution to the Nigerian Comedy industry.



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